What to do if you have a four hour erection……

If you use medication for erectile dysfunction and have an erection lasting more than four hours immediately look at the picture below.


4 thoughts on “EMERGENCY ADVICE for men!!!

  1. I could’ve used this photo in 8th grade speech class. Always hated having to give speeches in the front of the class with a boner. Really HARD talking about my favorite summer vacation memories with all those staring eyes. Anyway, thanks for the laugh and the boner buzz kill.


    • Happy to oblige. Sorry to have killed your hard won boner. Oh well, hopefully you’ll have many more in the future. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I must say that your site is very entertaining (laugh out loud funny) and I wish I could take credit for what I’ve posted on here as my own work, but alas I can’t. Hope to see you come back for another visit.


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