Surreal Photos Created with Food! IX

FISHSCAPE 2 fishscape video Animation of Findus Fishscape featuring land and sea made of fish. Using live action and stop frame techniques. GONDOLA MUSHROOM SAVANNAH PARMESAN CLIFFS STILTON COTTAGE [featured image: FISHSCAPE] |1|  |2|  |3|  |4|  |5|  |6|  |7|  |8|  |9|  |10|

Surreal Photos Created with Food!

‘Foodscapes‘ are a tribute to Carl Warner‘s incredible imagination, intricate design and awe-inspiring photography. Using different types of food, from sausages and strips of bacon to onions, bread, chocolate and anything else you could find in your fridge, he’s concocted a unique collection of fantasy landscapes. He’s not the first to use food as art,…