The utter stupidity of some people truly amaze me. Then again I have to wonder if some thought wasn’t put into play just to capture anyone’s attention, whether it be positive or negative.

A man having purchased his very first boat and now taking it to the lake wasn’t quite sure just what the correct procedure was for launching his boat off of the ramp.
He figured that it wouldn’t be so difficult as everyone else didn’t seem to have an issue, so he stopped by his Union office prior to leaving for the lake just so he could get some advice, which they provided.
“Just don’t let the trailer get too deeply into the water when you’re launching your boat and you should be just fine.”
Later on he was confounded and couldn’t understand exactly what they meant because he could JUST barely get the trailer into the water at all!
Here’s a picture  worth a “thousand’ words! You’re going to love this guy!!!
ANNND……now for some interesting news


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