you just don’t understand why I’m so ANGRY!!!

I am not mad because of slavery
I am not upset about separate water fountains or civil rights.
I am not worried about white hoods burning crosses in my yard.
I am mad that you follow me around stores because you think I am a thief.
I am upset that you arm yourself against me and hold your purse tighter when I walk by.
I am worried that I will have to prepare my children and tell them that they will be hated, feared, and demonized for absolutely no logical reason at all.
It’s not the past that saddens me, it’s the future.


  1. Mike O'Conner says:

    No reason?


    Let’s start with the “Knockout Game” and work our way backwards, toward the time when your culture embraced the endless freebies and the idea that somebody owed you somethin’… .


    1. August says:

      It is for no reason. Please do not stereotype or assume. We all have our opinions about the other race and our experiences, but what you shouldn’t do is take the words of an innocent man who is expressing his feelings and make it about the masses. Dare I ask you about your slave owner ancestry, how many of them raped, murdered, and thought they owed no one anything, even freedome. How about your dishonest ways as a white man or racist thoughts. For those, You definitely deserved to be knocked out. Appreciate the man’s words for what they are. Use another platform for your racism.


      1. Mary Lou says:

        I am a ‘white’ anti-racist, anti-classist, activist. I do not understand how or why my ancestry can be assumed to have contributed anything towards the slavery sickness that existed here in the United States. My family came from Sicliy in the early 1900’s, a poor working class family and remains so. I do however, understand that I have ‘benefited’ by the racist ways of our country simply because of my skin tone–but not to the extreme of the wealthy few. As long as we use our energies to slash out at each other the ‘divide and conquer’ technique of the powers that be remains successful. It is a class warfare as much as a racial divide that is going on. Money holds power and does evil things sometimes. Until we unite on the forefront and combine our talents to stop the destruction it will continue to flourish.


  2. Elena Masters says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR FOR HAVING THE NERVE TO SAY what every true blooded American would like to say, I as MANY more Americans have had enough of this family in the White House they don’t deserve to be there, my question is WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE, and why can’t we get him impeached? Nixon & Clinton (although I don’t agree with what they did, they didn’t do any where’s near what this man is doing, & they were impeached) Color has nothing to do with my disliking him it’s he’s standards, I would say the same thing if he was white. I have always disliked lairs, & thieves, WE as American needs honest,truthful & Christian leadership…since this country was founded on Christianity as far as I’m concerned that hasn’t changed.


    1. TERRY says:

      Elena, I was with you 100% until you said “American needs honest, truthful & Christian leadership…since this country was founded on Christianity”.

      Your desire for Christian leadership abandons reason, logic, and the religious freedom of every non-Christian in the United States. Islam feels the same way about taking over America too. What would you think if I said America needs Jewish leadership, or Hindu leadership?

      A religious leadership of ANY kind would start a war in America if you are referring to a President. This is exactly what the Founders tried to avoid! People came here to get away from being told what religion they could or could not practice.

      Religion is a private choice. Religion doesn’t make an individual a great man or woman, or a leader! Personal responsibility & your actions define what kind of a person you are.

      You need a better understanding of religion and politics, and the issues of church and state. Your desire for a Christian leader and nation may satisfy you, and that is your right. But when you think you have the right to force everyone else to believe that “your” church, and “your” religion is superior, and the “only” one, then you have become a religious and political zealot.


      1. Terry, you absolutely misunderstand. Look at your own words: She wants Christians to LEAD, you state Muslims want to TAKE OVER. can you not see the difference? At no point did she state she wanted to force anyone to believe anything, simply expressed a desire that our leaders have a certain characteristic that would be superior to then liars and theives we have now. I would say that it is you who need a better “understanding”.


        1. Sam says:

          Every word fits them exactly. Time to impeach. Thanks to this writer.


          1. Mike Bonheim says:

            People like you really frighten me. You are so stunningly ignorant about anything that is actually happening in the world, you are so blind to your obvious bigotry and prejudice, you repeat and spout back these meaningless talking points you hear from Fox News that have been proven again and again and again to be blatant falsifications… Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Do you have any facts to support any of the nonsense you’re blathering on about?

            Why does the Obama family who was legally voted into office twice, not have any right to be in the White House, exactly?

            How is he a liar and thief?

            Exactly HOW was our country “founded on Christianity??”

            If you had any clue whatsoever about anything at all you would know why this last phrase is so laughable…this country was specifically founded to NOT be representative of any one religion.

            And, you would know that the impeachment f Clinton is viewed by history as a farce, and a gross abuse of power by the GOP.

            Maybe it’s time for you to take your anger and do a little reading and study of your own to see where it should really be placed…since, of course, it has NOTHING to do with the president’s race, right???

            Ha. Go home.


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