A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack Obama!

The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head. And it took a black reporter writing it to make it as effective as it is. A white man’s account would be instantly criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obamas is penned by a well known journalist of color?

Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.

The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like the Obama’s? Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespected) their Christmas family picture.”

The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation. I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don’t like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous. I don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress.

I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people.

The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish. Obama’s arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama’s have taken lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for civility.

I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to not being able to be proud of America. I view that statement and that mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world.

Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do same. I have a saying, that “the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide.” No president in history has spent millions of dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

And what the two of them have shared has been proved to be lies. He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother’s death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about his father’s military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address. He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman. He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today.

He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel. His wife treats being the First Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement – as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

I don’t like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.

I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, “Nero In The White House” – “Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood…

Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.”

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  1. My husband and I commend Mychal for his honesty and forwardness about the Obamas…..although we do have a question, we all know that O is everything as mentioned above and not even Nixon was this bad and he was booted out of office…question………WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THE OBAMA’S STILL IN OUR WHITE HOUSE THAT WE LOVE AND RESPECT AS AMERICANS? IT IS EVIDENT THAT THEY HATE US, OUT COUNTRY AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR……SO WHY ON EARTH IS HE AND HIS FAMILY STILL LIVING THERE AND HE IS STILL IN OFFICE? IMPEACH THE B_______D!!!! ALL THE PROVOST OFFICER HAS TO DO IS GO GET THEM AND EVECT THEM AND IMPRISION THEM!!!! HE SHOULD BE DEALT WITH AS THEY DID IN THE DAY AND HANG HIM FOR TREASON!!!!!

      • He will not resign cause he and the wife would have to start paying for their vacations and their lifestyle. They live in public housing I think some of our homeless need to go get a room in our House. If Congress would do it’s job he would be impeached and removed from office by now but too many of them think when he sets up his dictatorship here they will hold a high place with him but he and his wife will rule it all themselves. If they don’t impeach him and remove him from office, they need to repeal Nixon and Clinton’s impeachments, and maybe even Johnson’s from so many years ago. He needs to be impeached and arrested and tried for treason. He’s a bad blot to this country.He’s too arrogant to sit in the White House with his feet on the desk. He is the worst president in our history.

          • Clinton was impeached actually. Check the history books he was not removed from office is why he finished his 8 yrs and if they aren’t removed from office impeachment does nothing but makes them look bad later on when they look back in history.

          • Clinton was impeached by the house after they passed articles of impeachment. The Senate didn’t convict. Think of the impeachment of an elected official as the same as an indictment in a civilian case. It is still up the court, in this case the Senate, to convict. That is why Obama would never be thrown out of office. Some people may also not be aware that the president can not be arrested, no matter what the crime, until impeached by the house and convicted in the Senate and removed from office. Nixon faced not only obvious impeachment but also conviction, so he chose to resign. Which is why there will never be a president removed from office again. One can resign rather than be convicted in the Senate…and then hope that, like Nixon was, be pardoned by the newly-sworn in president.

          • You’re an idiot. Impeachment is a formal process by which an official is accused of a crime. Impeachment is not being found guilty, it’s being accused. Clinton was impeached, moron.

          • he was impeached. impeachment is a procedure and it was carried out. the outcome does not matter. once impeached always impeached. plus where were all of you people when that maniac was elected for a second term, talk about unbelievable. its like OJ being not quilty. our only hope is that we and Our Country can outlast that crook. resign and put him on “Survivor”

          • Clinton was impeached. Nixon was not. He resigned before they could impeach him. Get your facts straight.

          • He was in FACT the SECOND President to be Impeached! The democrats had the Senate locked up and therefore by that fact alone the Molester got to stay in office. People like you sir are very good Liberals…make your own shit up and have yourself a new Truth! Idiots should not be allowed to comment. either go back to school Ty or don’t comment on issues you know absolutely nothing about, your just another lazy hearsay repeating LIBERAL. with your own facts.

          • Sorry Ty, remember President Andrew Johnson? He was impeached, but not removed. It’s a bifurcated process, and I thought they taught this in basic U.S. history…oh, I forgot, that was in the old America.

          • Impeach does not mean removed from office as many folks think.. Impeachment proceedings means a trial a hearing. Clinton was impeached and was found guilty. He can be removed upon impeachment but would take 2/3 vote to remove from office. 2 separate things here.

          • Another American in the weeds about the history of the nation, but more than willing to present their flawed ignorance.

          • Of course Clinton was impeached, as others have pointed out to you. Where do you get your information?

          • Impeachment in the House was a political move that failed once it reached the Senate. The President was found not guilty, ten Republicans split with their colleagues to vote for acquittal.

          • yes clinton was impeached. To say he wasnt only proves beyond doubt that you know nothing about impeachment proceedings,,, He was impeached but deemed fit for office just because he lied under oath to save his marriage ,,, yadayadaImpeachment is basically trial by congress,,, what they do is up to them.

          • Impeachment, and trial, are two separate things. Clinton WAS impeached. He was not found Guilty by Trial.
            The House Impeaches, once impeached, the Senate tries him.

            It’s analogous to being “indicted” by a Grand Jury. Indicted does not mean found guilty. It means there is enough evidence to warrant a trial and brings official charges that must be answered in a Court Trial.

          • Clinton WAS impeached, I do beg ur pardon,, The SoB has got the balls of a bowling alley, he has no morals…he felt no shame. He continued the rest of his Lame Duck session ‘in the WH’. Unworthy was he!

          • Clinton most certainly was impeached. Removal from office requires 2/3 of a majority vote which is why Clinton was not removed from office and Obama will not be either. Clinton should have been removed and so should Obama but Democrats control the senate and therefore will never vote to remove there king.

          • Clinton WAS impeached! The Senate house chose to leave him in place and serve his term. You can verify this. That being said, even if we impeach Obozo, don’t hold your breath for him to leave! Do you really think that Harry Reid would lift a finger to put him out? NO!!!

          • Actually Clinton was impeached but, like Andrew Johnson, the votes were not in the Senate to remove him from office. An impeachment is just a formal accusation of charges for a public official and then it goes to the Senate for them to be judge and jury. It6 takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate to remove a president from office after an impeachment. Look it up.

          • He was impeached in the House but the senate needed one more vote to finnish it but didn’t get the vote.

          • Actually, he WAS impeached. The process many Americans think of is similar to a Grand Jury, and then a criminal trial. The impeachment process is the “Grand Jury”; Clinton was found to have committed offenses severe enough to warrant removal from office. That’s impeachment. He retained the White House only by the slimmest of margins in the vote held afterward.

          • No, he was impeached. Impeached only means “accused”. His trial in the Senate with Senators as a jury saved him. Now if the jury was red blooded Americans, it would have been a different story!

          • To all who believe such ineptitude is a “new generation” thing, I’m 23 and knew the proceedings of impeachment prior to the numerous tirades aforementioned. Please avoid broad generalizations. :-) And before anyone asks, no I did not have my post edited by someone else before posting, this is legitimately how I speak and how I have spoken for the majority of my moderate lifespan.

          • Bill Clinton WAS impeached. He was impeached on two charges – one for perjury and one for obstruction of justice, but he did not resign. A President may be impeached, but not necessarily removed from office.

          • Do your homework – Clinton WAS impeached – we was not removed from office, but he was impeached.

          • He most certainly was impeached, but not removed from office. Please take a first grade civics course so you don’t look like a fool in future posts.

          • Clinton, was the best President the USA has ever had..He had everything running good in this country,and enough money a head to keep it that way. If Bush had’nt messed things up”’..

          • Clinton was impeached, he just wasn’t removed from office in his impeachment trial. Nixon was not impeached; he resigned when the House drew up impeachment articles.

          • They’re all over this. We might have found them a credible source of information on Obama if they weren’t so relentless about a president’s (private) sex life. Alas, after this that they pulled on Clinton, the assault on Obama fell on deaf ears.

          • Nope. Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, and by a bipartisan group. Later, the Senate refused to impeach him on those charges, falling short of the two-thirds majority that is necessary to convict. You’re confusing impeachment with removal from office, which also requires a two-thirds majority to move ahead. Didn’t you take an American history or civics class when you were in school? (http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/impeachments/clinton.htm)

          • Yes, Clinton WAS impeached….go look at the news items (even the Liberal press had to tell the truth about this incident…) that were published at the time… just google “Clinton impeachment” and there you have it! FACTS!!!

          • Clinton was impeached. He finished serving his term on a technicality.

            BTW his wife Hillary is as bad as Obama re Benghazi.
            They are murderers and should be tried and sentenced to life in prison.

            She has the nerve to run for President. Where is this lady coming from?

          • William Clinton was impeached by the House, and then, as it mandates in the Constitution, the Senate became the equivalent of a court as well as the jury. The Senate found him innocent of the charges the House had brought against him.

          • Clinton was definitely impeached. He was not removed from office, but he was most definitely Impeached.

          • Clinton was impeached; however, he was not removed from office which is a different step in the process.

          • TY, your words while most likely sincere are sincerely wrong. My Dad always said it it better to keep your comments to yourself, and have people think you are an idiot than to post them and remove all doubt……. check yourself before you wreck yourself.

          • he was impeached…..just because you are impeached does not mean you leave office. In this case, there is no way Obama will be impeached because the SENATE will stop it. Only a majority in both house and senate must first be established or the process is useless.

          • Get educated. Clinton WAS impeached. The Senate just didn’t have the backbone to find him guilty.

          • Clinton was impeached (the house does that) but he was not removed fro office (senate does that)- its like he was convicted but was never sentenced. Also Nixon was not impeached. he resigned before being impeached.

          • yea,but Clinton wasn’t trying to change everything in the U>S>;;;like our national anthem and the flag. think about it.. we may be under communism soon if he has his way……………

          • Actually Clinton was impeached. The senate needed 67 votes to remove him from office. All Democrats voted not guilty and Republicans voted guilty. A 50/50 split. However, The Republicans needed to secure welfare reform and spending cuts that would surely have been vetoed had they not had is jewels firmly in their hands as two other charges were filed for a total of 4 impeachable charges. He was found guilty on 2 of those charges. So although he wasn’t removed from office he was definitely impeached.

          • Stupid people should not be allowed to post on these stories. He was IMPEACHED just like Zimmerman was tried. It just so happens that neither of them were punished for one reason or the other. Perhaps you should study the Constitution. Just sayin’!

          • Impeaching simply means charged with a crime. Not necessarily removal from office. He was impeached.

          • Clinton was impeached; Nixon was NEVER impeached since he resigned before Congress could impeach him

          • Yes, he was impeached. Impeachment is under the House Judiciary Committee. After impeachment it moves to the Senate for trial. It’s at that point that the impeached is either acquitted or removed from office.

          • Clinton WAS impeached! He did not get thrown out of office mostly by luck, and his”good” political connections.

          • Uh Ty he was impeached. He was not removed from Office. The House did impeach him. The Senate couldn’t remove him -votes weren’t there.

          • Clinton Was impeached. Why Obomber hasn’t been has more to do with the NSA (they have something on Everyone. Don’t you remember chief justice Roberts?) threatening and coercing our congress. That should answer questions about why the media ignores the real problems in, and abuses by our government, too. The real bad guys have taken control of the military/security complex and use it to further our degradation. and their plan for the melding of all countries and currencies into one, that they control with the fake security agencies in place, not just here but all over the “free” world.

          • Pres. Clinton was impeached by the house, but aquitted by the democratically controlled senate. He however was not removed from office.

          • Actually, Clinton WAS impeached. But he was not found guilty by the Senate. Two different steps in the process.

          • Ty! CORRECTION!! PRESIDENT RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON WAS INDEED IMPEACHED….ON On July 27, 1974, the Committee voted that the president be impeached, claiming he had “prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice,” they listed nine specific reasons for the charge.
            Impeachment is a separate function than removal from office. One can be impeached–formally charged and even found guilty, yet remain in office; removal from office is a separate process, which Nixon chose to circumvent by resigning first……much like quitting employment rather than being fired. 2: to be removed from office, the impeaching process always comes first; but leaving office does not HAVE to occur.
            In his resignation speech two weeks later, Nixon said “I have never been a quitter.

          • How many people does it take to write the same response? That’s not the beginning of a joke… Please try to control your urge to be pedantic. One correction to the original comment is quite enough. Thank you, and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

          • As Miley Cyrus would say “Mission Accomplished”. Focus is suppose to be about the abuse Obama and his wife has done to the American people. Divide and conquer is another tactic the Obama’s have mastered.

          • right at the top of the comments section someone named Ty made a stupid mistake about Clinton not being impeached, and like our media does daily, we were completely side-tracked off of the original subject. this is a HUGE reason so many things are done in our government without the citizens knowing. we keep getting side- tracked with unrelated stuff while the O’s do their own thing. Watch dogs aren’t a problem if you have a big juicy steak.

          • Clinton was impeached, just wasn’t thrown out of office.
            Ty now don’t you look foolish?

          • No he wasn’t impeached, but he should have been for lying to congress. The democrats in the senate saved his butt, but he should have been impeached. I remember so well Hilary coming to Hawaii and when asked why she elected to spend $10,000 a night on hotel accomodations, which WE THE PEOPLE PAID FOR, her response was that she wanted to cook spaghetti for her daughter and friend. How self centered can you be and how uncaring can one be spending the hard earned money of the American taxpayers over a few noodles and some sauce. I believe she was in Hawaii for a week and it angered me then and angers me now.

          • Clinton was impeached by the house but the senate wouldn’t convict him to remove him from office. that is what would happen if the house tried to impeach Obama. The Senate would cover his butt and keep him in office. They need to wait until the Republicans have control of the house and senate and then they can impeach him and remove him from office and someone needs to charge him with the crimes he’s committed and put him in jail for the rest of his life. He’s a traitor at the very least.

          • Clinton was indeed impeached…… but lets not forget, just because a president is impeached, doesent mean they will be removed from office (on a sarcastic note) always remember, for the most part, our laws are written by criminals for the criminals….. which pretty much means, that there will always be a small loophole somewhere to allow for the activity “in question” to keep going in full force !!

          • Clinton WAS impeached- impeach simply means to bring charges against. He was NOT found guilty of the charges, however.

          • Wrong! Clinton was impeached; he was not convicted. By the way impeachment is a federal felony charge. Clinton has stated on many occasions he is proud he was impeached; which is to say I am proud I was charged with a federal felony.

        • Impeachment means to be charged with criminal offenses. Clinton was charged. He was simply not convicted by the Senate. To say he was not impeached is to say that any person found not guilty by a jury was never convicted to begin with, and is false.

          Nixon, on the other hand, was NEVER impeached.

          • correction. meant to say instead of “any person found not guilty by a jury was never convicted to begin with” that “any person found not guilty by a jury was never CHARGED to begin with”.

          • you cannot impeach unless you have “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Congress alone may decide for itself what constitutes a “high crime or misdemeanor, yet they impeached Clinton for probably a lousy blowjob. the public didn’t scoff and accused of anything else when we had no deficit and plenty of jobs. seemed like that all changed when the Bushes got in and now you blame Obama! Do you think for one minute, at the snap of his finger, he could give you a job? No! those jobs are in the greed hands of corporate America; they run this country. Everyone loves the Reagans, the bastard, and Mrs. was bitch. His trickle down philosophy didn’t work, and creating deregulation. The public is never happy, and at the expense of not voting, you bitch and carry one and blame that which you voted for when you don’t get your way. I strongly suggest read the reply, I believe it’s below mine, by Trina D; she’s right on with her comment.

          • Clinton was impeached not for the act of sex. He was impeached for lying under oath which is different from lying on TV. Lying under oath is a crime and he lost his right to practice law for lying under oath.

          • This article has nothing to do with Clinton! This is about the O’s worming their way into the White House by (as many say) “playing the race card”. All adjectives applied to them in that article are right on the mark. And the question is, WHY IS HE STILL PRESIDENT?

          • Mr. Rosss you state your errors so emphatically! gee
            CORRECTION!! PRESIDENT RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON WAS INDEED IMPEACHED….ON On July 27, 1974, the Committee voted that the president be impeached, claiming he had “prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice,” they listed nine specific reasons for the charge.
            Impeachment is a separate function than removal from office. One can be impeached–formally charged and even found guilty, yet remain in office; removal from office is a separate process, which Nixon chose to circumvent by resigning first……much like quitting employment rather than being fired. 2: to be removed from office, the impeaching process always comes first; but leaving office does not HAVE to occur.
            In his resignation speech two weeks later, Nixon said “I have never been a quitter.

        • Its really sad that everything Obama has done is viral is it only because he is black that people feel they can disrespect him publicly!! Michelle is being blamed for using the white house credi card didnt the other wives use it as well thee first lady is always well dressed as are her kids but no one talks about Ms Kennedy Ms Clinton both Mrx Bushes have all live an extravagnt love style but no-one cared is it because they are white this black and white thing sucks i am a black citizen and vote all the time. I have seen the other presidents misuse their power and wealth but I was respectful enough to pray for my leader instead of talk down on them all the time it American spent as much time worrying about hoe to help each other as they are about Obama we might be a better nation. No obama didnt do everything right and he lied about some things but we could go back into time and find that all the presidents told a lie and didnt keep all their promises. I will be glad when the next person takes the helm then you guys wont be able to blame obama for everything anymore! then who will be resposnsible the Bushes and the Clintons live very comfortable now so the obama should too. Instead of always targeting the poor maybe the rich should try to help out more allthe programs cut hurt the poor not the rich and the poor are already struggling I am not rich but I always try to help other out.

          • shut up. obama’s rich and I don’t see him helping anyone out. And read the entire article. It was written by a BLACK MAN! It wasn’t being racist he was saying… jeez forget it, you’re just like them “it’s coz I’m black” When in all actuality it’s because you are an asshole.

          • The rich in America freely donate huge sums of money every year to almost any type of charity you can think of,That is true charity.The problem is government stealing my money to give away.

          • Are you deluded into believing that other presidents weren’t disrespected publicly? President Bush was disrespected publicly every day of his presidency and continues to be disrespected publicly to this day. I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with skin color, but rather with the content of his policies.

            As for clothing budgets (and expenses in general) Mrs. Obama takes the cake. Laura Bush’s official clothing budget was $1500 per month. Yes, we expect our First Lady to dress properly and represent us well. Michelle Obama apparently needs $4000 per month to accomplish this task, more than any other First Lady in history. She also has the largest personal staff of any First Lady.

            And what on earth makes you think that Obama shouldn’t be blamed once he leaves office? He has spent 5 years and counting blaming Bush for everything. What goes around comes around. Of course politicians lie. It happens. However, telling the American people that a lie isn’t a lie, it’s just a misunderstanding on THEIR part goes beyond the pale. This president takes lying to a whole new level. It’s frightening, but I think that he believes that if he just keeps lying the lies will have to become the truth.

          • You are a racist…just from reading your comment anyone can see that….you are disgusting…wake up. Obama has done nothing for the black community.

          • Trena with an “E”, I bet you are one of those with a free Dumbama cell phone. Continue to keep your eyes closed to all that is factual and stay in your fairy tale land. Dumbama and Mooshell need to take the rest of their monkey assed crew with them back their African motherland. Take if from someone who has lost a good job of over 13 years due to his wonderful policies, loosing all of the health benefits I held for so many years, this dumbass has no interest in making America great.

          • trena d you sound just like the DA obamas. It sounds like you are just like the 95% of black people you do not care that he is not was not and will never be qualified to be president. Yes you are right about something all first ladies and family dress nice and do take vacations. The point being if you can comprehend it is the Obama’s have taken MANY MORE vacations that were very extravagant more than any other sitting president. And in case you missed it our tax dollars paid for the oldest daughter to fly 12 of her friends on a vacation which took a plane just for them and extra secret service. Oh but wait you don’t care because it is the Obama’s. Obama and his wife have spit in the American peoples faces and broke more laws that we even know. And to have a so called first lady who has nothing but contempt for this country and it’s people and laws. I PRAY all the stupid things he has done hits you first hard and bad the you can go on loving these embarrassing people.

          • So, Trena, what YOU are saying ids that it was wrong for WHITE Presidents to lie but it is OK for Obozo to lie because he is BLACK!
            Keep sucking your welfare and using your Obamaphone you brain-dead, RACIST BITCH!

          • Not being able to blame Obama. You mean like the liberals are still blaming Bush for the economy. It’s called acceptability and taking responsibility for your own mistakes.

          • @Incredulous: “claudia, you have no business praying. You name-calling asses have no business speaking.”

            Wow! Just –Wow!

          • You have based your comment on the color of his skin being the same as yours, of which you are only HALF right. But you cast your vote based on the color of his skin, which makes you a bigot and a fool!

          • Funny how people forget that the President is as much white as black! Therefore, I really do not believe most are against his race.

          • Trena D…Racism is an easy COP-OUT. The statement by Donna Askew, I must second…he is as much WHITE as he is BLACK. Therefore, I really do not believe most are against his race. Imagine that family was any other race/nationality…would you or anyone else call it racism. OMG, I went to school with a large percentage of a variety of ethnicity. I am White and I was raised not to judge a book by it’s cover, nor my neighbor (anyone) by their color. I am so tired of defending my theories. Do you not see the DIVISION fired up by this man? Good grief, instead of getting all hot and irritated…I will just pray for you and anyone else who feels the way you do and that your eyes be opened to O’s deceit. Honey, he don’t like you or me or any other American. He is a true test to the American people.

          • Trenda D…You are sickening….it was a black reporter who wrote that article. It is a black reporter that can look at the entire situation from the outside and gave an HONEST synapse of his presidency…it is a black reporter who did not take the cowards way out expecting special treatment because of the color of skin…I am sick of your attitude that a people are saying what they are saying because he is black….they are saying these things because he is man (black or white!) who obviously dislikes our country…and is trying to change it every way he can. We are…or were….a first world nation….the safest nation to be in….the most prosperous nation to be in….leave it alone!!! It will have ups and downs but the economy is a cycle and must have lows to have highs. He is using it as an excuse to ruin it !! He wants to ruin it!!! He is the biggest terrorist ever !! I don’t hate him because he’s black…I hate him because I love my country !! Everybody needs to stop being a lazy ass and start working and contribute to our country…stop asking for handouts because those who work will stop and who will you leach off of. Have some damn pride and provide for yourself and your own children. I am a woman who worked 60 hours a week for years…never asking for anyone else’s hard earned money. I don’t shame them for doing well…I commend them….and I don’t want their money…I am not entitled…it is not mine…I have pride and want to teach my children the same. They are capable as am I. This mentality will ruin our country. He knows it and is igniting it on purpose. People need to start reading between the lines and stop looking for the easy way out. Even if you are given everything today..it will ultimately kill your country…then who will you collect from? See the big picture and protect your country and children!

          • Michelle Obama well dressed? Ha! You need your eyes checked or you’re fashion challenged yourself! The fact that Obozo has driven up the deficit on his own more than ALL the other presidents combined speaks volumes of their spendthrift attitude! They take more vacations than they spend actual time in the Whitehouse! Look at the pricetag on some of their vacations! All of this is is openbto the public. Do some homework before you defend the indefensible!

          • I feel you need to stop and think the country voted him in for two terms. If the country was so racist how did that happen? As for him being president. If anyone offers to let allow you to be a citizen of the United States without following due process and to not follow the law. To seat at home playing games and watching TV and make more money than a working person. You will more than likely get a lot of votes since people are inherently lazy. we are the second fattest country in the world. We need someone in there that motivates people to get off there butts. To all the blacks I didn’t enslave you. I have not gained anything from your great great great grand parients Im german irish, indian and black. and you are not a African American if you was born here you are a American and we all struggle you just don’t see it and we don’t have a race card to throw out. Grow up and stop excepting that our presidents lie and are feeding us deception and the American people allowing it. I want a god fearing man and women in the white house that has morals and integrity and excepts no less from the senate and congress.

          • Claudia, please get your facts straight. Mrs. Obama did NOT take her daughter and 12 of her friends on a lavish trip on the taxpayers dime. Mrs. Obama and two of her friends (that makes 3 adults) her friends 4 daughters and Sasha (that’s 5 children) and 4 staff members. That’s the 12 people. However, Mrs Obama and her two friends paid their for their own rooms, food and travel while in Spain and that of their daughters. The government (tax-payers) paid for the use of Airforce 2 (it is how she travels as the FLOTUS) and her security detail (also a necessity as the FLOTUS). Before spouting the lie you told, you could have done just as I did and completed a minuscule amount of research to find this out on your own before adding more lies into this discussion, if it can even be called that.

          • Oh, and for the record, on Malia’s (the oldest) birthday, they had a BBQ at the WH where they hosted American military families… Tell me again how they are unpatriotic and hate our Veterans and troops?? You can’t. It’d be more lies…

          • I want to add that the PEOPLE did not vote him into office for a second term, the ELECTORAL college did because he happened to win the states with the most electoral votes. If you look at the POPULAR vote, he LOST. Unfortunately, the less populous states could not overcome the electoral votes of the two-three most populous states that he happened to win. Which shows you that we really need to revamp our electoral college.

          • Wow, Trena D! When you can write in a coherent, concise, and logical fashion according to the rules by which we, Americans, adhere such that it can be read and understood, only then will I bother to respond more in-depth to your ignorant babbling!

          • You can tell your black after reading the first line. Everything is about race to you black people. Him being incompetent has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with his performance. But yet again another black person thinking the white man is trying to hold black people down. the only reason race gets thrown into everything is because black people want to make everything a race issue.

          • Here we go again. RRRAAAACCCIIISSSSMMMM!!! Cry me a river, sister. I’d say YOU’RE the racist. Your “messiah” is a leftest criminal. Period. Open your eyes and see the REAL truth, before it’s too late.


          • No president will EVER be able to get everything they promise when they are running for office. It is truly unfortunate that even if a president has a good idea/plan when running for office, Congress is the one making the decisions. So, let’s say Congress refuses to make a decision on something and the government shuts down. Is this failure to negotiate really the president’s fault? If the president states, “No new taxes” and congress passes bills requiring new taxes, is this the president’s fault?

            The fault lies with the manipulating of bills being passed through Congress. Wanna get something passed? Just tack it onto a different bill, even if it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the primary bill. Wanna prevent something from being passed? Put some stupid shit into a really good bill so that the whole thing is shut down.

            I don’t think it would matter if he was purple with green polka dots…it seems to me that some individuals are so set in their political views/parties that they literally fail to see the big picture, while others simply suffer from ignorance. So I may not like the ideology or the political party of the president, but he has been fairly elected into office. Regardless of his beliefs, the president at least deserves respect as a human being. He honestly isn’t doing any worse than any of the other presidents. So for those of you bitching about petty things, think about this….in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Does the color of his skin really matter? Does it really matter if the president is a he or she? Does it really matter with what political party he is affiliated? Does it really matter with what race he associates himself? Does it really matter what name he/she was given by his/her parents?

          • Lol! You think we hate them because they have more melatonin in their skin? Come on! Did you hear that they did nothing while our own citizens in Benghazi fell brutally to their deaths in an attack on or country then tried to blame it on a stupid movie in order to pull the fleece over our eyes because they blatantly ignored all the warning signs that it was going to happen weeks before it did??
            It’s not that they dress like kings that upsets everyone. It’s the weekly vacations all over the globe that we all hate. They spend an insane amount of money. They spent more than the Clintons and both Bush presidents combined! Thats just talking lifestyle money. When you start talking about the money they’ve spent to run the country (into the ground) then they have spent more than double any other President! In the Bible, in proverbs, it says “the debtor is slave to the lender.” If China stops giving us money and insists that we actually pay them back then what? This country doesn’t have any freakin money! The dumb politicians have pissed it all away! I’m not just talking liberals here! I mean every politician that thought it was a great idea to borrow money from a communist country! Then this administration is doing it at astronomical rates and you say it had something to do with the color of their skin? Only if the color of their skin has something to do with their ability to do math and I know plenty of men and women of color who do math just fine so don’t get all racist because I, suburban white girl, don’t like the way the President is running this country into the ground so my children have nothing left! Liberals are all freaked out about carbon footprints (by the way I do my part in this arena so that is not to be hateful) but it’s ok for our president to fly out on a swanky private jet as often as this family does. I do pray for the Obama administration. I pray they don’t ruin my country that I love and that they get yanked out of office before they do. I use to pray for wisdom and strength for them. Then I realized that they would have to care about this country for that prayer to be effective. They say when people stick their foot in their mouth about the same thing more than once then you better start paying attention. They have flat out said on more than one occasion that they are ashamed of our country. This administration has outwardly put our country down more times than I can count. I almost voted for that man but the way he talked during his first election seemed off and scared me a little. When the second one came around I thought ‘surely this country isn’t stupid enough to do that again!’ Well I guess I was wrong although I’m not confident the polls weren’t fixed. I could keep ranting on and on but that should be enough to make my point. I do not respect this President nor will I respect him in any way shape or form. I respect the position that he holds more than he does but it is my God given right to not respect him . A president or a person. I have never in my life not respected a president. I even thought the impeachment for Clinton was a little over the top until I learned that it was because he lied under oath. I was young and didn’t pay as close attention back then. Even then, I respected that he was doing his personal best for our country where the running of the country was concerned.

          • So basically you are shifting the focus off of obama by putting it on the other presidents. His crimes far out-way that of other presidents. He openly commits treason! wow ignorance!

          • trena d is the stereotypical AFRICAN-AMERICAN!!! Don’t pick on her president for sucking at his job and don’t pick on her because she can’t spell. She probably has her Obamaphone and no job! I am sick of this country shying away from the fact that our president is ruining our country that my grandfather and father risked there lives to keep free just because he is BLACK!!! The Obama’s are doing what any lazy ass African-American would do if they had the opportunity………taking what they can get while the taking is good!!!!! No different than the ones at home with 8 kids and 7 baby daddy’s that live off the hard working Americans (White or Black)!!!

          • Put away the Black Race Card….the things that are told of Obama and his wife have nothing to do with the color of their skin. It has to do with their arrogance and air of entitlement. Mrs. Obama’s disdain of America is so evident, one would have to be blind and deaf not to see it. No, no has nothing to do with race, so put it away.

          • Trena Have you heard of spell check? I want to smoke what you have been smoking! You also need to dial back on the Kool-Aid. He has lied about everything. The credit card that she is using is ours. They have cost us over 1 1/2 BILLION dollars for their vacations. obummer has played more golf than any president in history. He goes to bed while Americans are being killed in Benghazi. I could care less that he wants to call himself black when he is both black and white. When he is gone we will be fixing his mess for decades. He has ruined the reputation of this country and the office of the president. At least past presidents had respect from the rest of the world. Now they just laugh.

          • trena, u are an idiot. i weep for america. u and your type will forever live on the government plantation.

          • Well, probably because this so call Pres. has divided the country more than any person in a hundred yrs or more. This man and his racist wife have set racism back 50 yrs. Never has an American Pres. done as much damage to American’s. WE are NOT a socialist country, and we don’t want to be. And last but certainly not least….respect is earned it is NOT free, and this man has done very little to be respected. And I don’t care what color he is…..BTW he is 1/7 black….he is destroying the country I love. PERIOD>

          • You are so right Sandra. He’s a disgrace to this country and I don’t care what his color is, he has no business still being in there ruining this country and hurting so many more than he has or ever will help.

          • excellent points. Our standards have been lowered and our thinking skills as a nation are diminished and we basically are powerless. How 40% of population can still support him is mindboggling……black purple green white or whatever………he hates this country

          • welfare fuckin parasites…where do u think welfare money comes from….the poor your trying to praise?…no the American worker and anyone that pays taxes..your so called wealthy or rich…..I’ve heard it all to often,Obama sends me a check every month..yeah with my money….and people don’t hate Obama cause he’s black..they hate him cause he’s a parasite too…sucking the life out of this country….just the fed pulls about. $400 a week from my pay….so the welfare scum can drive around in Lincoln’s and Lexus watching their 60″ flat screen in a 3 room slum that I pay for too..or the other half living on the lamb in prison…they don’t want out…..too ignorant to know better cause that’s how they’re raised…ignorant with their pants around their knees…people are repressed,well pull your face outta the toilet and act like a real American…try going to work …

          • “A VINDICTIVE RACE”
            Since the reelection of President Obama,I’ve heard stories of vindictive actions against African Americans by those who believe they somehow are above African Americans.Well it’s time for a reminder about African American’s history in America.Who built the White House & this country,we did by way of slavery and blood sweat & tears.Lest not forget the inventions and medical contributions “Vindictive America” benefited from.The vindictive soul of racist America has chosen to forget or doesn’t care about our contributions to America.The Forefather’s of Americas Racism time is short,so they breed more like themselves to continue their legacy.The rude awaking they’re experiencing is their own is turning on them.This is something they thought would never happen,just like a Blackman in the White House.They have become desperate in their attempt to keep people of color oppressed.African Americans are a resilient & forgiving race of people,sometimes I believe we are too forgiving.To be successful in America,African Americans have always had to go to any lengths to succeed,even if it meant selling out their own.The guilt of your past keeps you in denial about yourselves “Vindictive America”,You owe African Americans Reparations,which we have yet to receive.It’s a shame how you give to those who where not born here,the ways & means to live comfortable in this country.Meanwhile still creating traps for African Americans,such as allowing guns to be flooded in urban communities.Which helps your “New Jim Crow” agenda to thrive.There are those of us African Americans who are on to you,we will continue to bring awareness to African Americans,just like the Jews came here and made their way,so shall we.A African American President is only the beginning,so hate us if you will. God has declared “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!Hate yourselves for your atrocities against us throughout the history of America……No Violence-Know Peace!
            Posted by **ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!**Save Our Children!**

          • I don’t care about skin color. I am not rich. I am white, was a blue collar worker for forty years. O has quadrupled the NSA budget, tripled the TSA budget, hid his doing’s on the fake healthcare law. Before he was elected, he and his wife were criminal slime, just like the Clintons. Little George stuck us with the fake patriot act and the TSA. IF brak was intent to fix the country, he wouldn’t have re-upped and strengthened the patriot act or tripled the budget of little George’s TSA and homeland security. Nor would he have signed the NDAA. He is owned by the same people that owned all the white presidents going back to JFK (who they killed because he wouldn’t obey). Brak is just the worst because he is the last, so far. Our presidents have gotten progressively worse, in succession, since Harry Truman. If you take the (richly deserved) abuse hurled at Obomber as “only because he is black”, you will continue to miss the reality of the continuously degraded citizens rights and may miss the coming of the inevitable police state. It has not one thing to do with his heritage, and everything to do with what is demanded of him by his controllers. He is indeed the worst president we’ve elected in my lifetime. Had he actually been able to do the things he said he would do when campaigning in 2007, he could have been the greatest. The next one will be worse, so you will have a chance to truthfully say, brak was better than this. Study prophecy. Be glad God is in control. The ride will get a lot bumpier from here.

          • To bad there wont be a next time. We have months or even days before this country falls and China and Russia will rape and murder your children and all thanks to this president. He sold us out to both countries. China owns a lot of America not just business. The reason why everyone hates him so much is not because he’s half white and half black but because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and shows no respect to anyone at all. He shows open disdain for this country. That is why everyone picks out what they are doing with our tax dollars. It has nothing to do with race.

          • are you really so blind to believe what you are saying, it has nothing to do with color, but everything to do with ideals and the obama’s ideal conflict with all that is good and used to work in these United (not anymore) States of America. All he has done is create conflict and worse hate between the races. A president is to unite, not divide as the power couple have done. They have abused the office of the presidency to the greatest degree.

          • I can’t believe that once again, the race card is being played. The color of his skin has NOTHING to do with anything. I would like to take the time to remind you that Mr. Obama is as much white as he is black, so tell me which race card should be played, the white half or the black half? Mr. Obama ( I call him Mr. because he does not deserve to be called POTUS ) not only deserves to be impeached, he also should be tried for treason. He swore on a bible (I am assuming that this is true) to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Has he done this? No, as a matter of fact he is doing everything he can to change it. He shows a great disrespect to our flag, by not saluting the flag when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He has had the flag removed from the press room. He takes no responsibility for his actions. He believes his title means he can do anything he wants with total disregard of what the people of this great Nation may want. He is a total and complete disgrace to his office and to the people of this Country.

          • KandaceK, check your facts. Obama won the 2008 popular vote by 10 million votes and then won the 2012 popular vote by 5 million votes over Romney. Bush is the one who lost the popular vote but still won the Presidency.

          • Trena d. what is your understanding of what the president is, what his job is and what his responsibilities are?
            I would bet that out of ten people asked the same questions in comparison to your answer to these questions would differ so much, one might find themselves re-reading the question to be sure it was the same words in the same language.
            You can compare presidents and their decisions all day long and you won’t find one that has done so much damage to our economy all while portraying a person that is ashamed of his country or at the very least makes decisions that one would conlude he is ashamed of his country.

            First, all the presidents combined prior to Obama created an eight trillion dollar deficit. COMBINED….
            Obama in his short time has grown that deficit to seventeen trillion. If you are fairly decent at working with numbers, you will find that he has over doubled the deficit alone. Well, maybe not alone,,, there is still Michelle to help him with that…. It is so blatant, one might think it was intentional.
            Second, I say he must be ashamed of his country and/or what it stands for. Why else would he have the United States Insignia removed from air force one while flying over other jurisdictions and say, he did so, so not to offend anyone. HE OFFENDED ME…I’m sure he offended others as well… If you are offended by him, please comment.
            I could go on and on but, not much point in that.. If the US citizens don’t recognize him foe what he is by now, They won’t acknowledge it no matter how much proof is brought forth..
            However, I will say this. Before he took office in 2008. I was already retired and living decently on my retirement. I’ve since had to go back to work…
            Like I mentioned before; If you are halfway decent at working with numbers, calculate this. What was a $1.00 in 2008 is now a $1.68…
            Trena d., Please point out where I am wrong, Please respond with a comment on these facts…If we do not hear from you, we will assume you can’t prove me wrong because you have done your research and the math….Does anyone else have anything they might want to add to this…..

          • I am so fed up with ” it is because he is black that you treat him like that”. Personally I don’t or wouldn’t care if he were PURPLE!!!!! He and Moochie have spent almost 2 Billion on vacations. Lets not forget another 635 million contract for something that does not nor will it ever work. That contract given to a Canadian company run by moochies college buddy. These to are so blatantly trying to single handedly destroy this country. So it is not because he is black!!!!!! It is because they are crooks and they hate this country for what it is and What it stands for!!!!!!!!

          • Lee, your response was excellent: factual, succinct…and probably not worth the time it took to type it, given the person it was aimed at. You’re dealing with someone who evidently believes there’s a Visa card somewhere in D.C. that says “White House Residents” on the cardholder’s line. I’m thinking she may not pick up on the nuances of your remarks. :)

        • Well said, and I agree with your views totally. Obama is terrible, and we all need to vote the loyal ones to him, out of office. Change should be for the better, but Obama’s change is destroying the USA. That is his plan, after all. He needs to be impeached, and the people should insure that he is.

          • 2 Chronicles 7:14 –

            “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


        • I totally agree with everyone of you, I have heard, that the reason why Obama has not been IMPEACHED is because it would cost the American’s more money to do this, but he and his so called family can be imprisoned, for everything that they have and are doing to America..I just do not understand, why this Imprisonment has not been done, we can not go on with our lives, with them in our WH.. they are killing the American People, look at what they have done to our Vets, all American Military, the jobs, the Homeless, and ect… This is truly un-believable. I just don’t know how they can go against the 10 Commandments of our Country, and even turn their backs on the Christians. I grew up in this country and I know it as God’s Country and that we the People have a Written Constitution. I hope that the Congress, both Parties (TEA) gets their acts together.. and start standing up for all of us.. :( this saddens my heart, to have to read and Obey this non-racist American. who is suppose to be our Leader..

          • Neither is it “God’s Country”. If you paid any attention to that ‘Written Constitution’ you mentioned, that should be clearly evident to you. But based on your overall comment, it’s clear that you don’t rely on actual knowledge to support your claims.

          • No, our laws are just based on them steve. And craig, yeah, it is God’s country. Founded on Judeo-Christian principals whether you want to acknowledge that fact or not. If you are with us, then be with us, otherwise, nitpicking and arguing amongst ourselves is futile. No wonder nothing has been done yet. And RJay, I completely agree with you.

          • Actually the country was founded on Freemasonry idiologies, not christian. Most who signed the declaration and constitution were deists, theists, and freemasons. Believing in a higher power, but not christianity. In all the things you see, that christians try to use to back up their claim of it being based on christianity, as in “one nation under god” or “in god we trust”, is not specifically christian. they never say in Jesus name. They say god, wich can be any religion. Cause believe it or not christians, muslims, and the jewish, all have the exact same god. And one of the main points in the constitution is religious freedom. Learn your historical facts. Thinking single mindedly, do to your religion, is the same as makeing decisions based solely on race.

          • Look. I’m Jewish. But you are full of it. Almost all of the colonies had an official Christian religion. The signers were overwhelmingly Christian. Read some history before you post again on this topic.

          • I’m with you. And for those who claim America is not/was not a Christian nation, I advise you to read our Founders’ writings. They did not specifically mention God/Christianity in the Constitution, as it was a focused Document, focused on just how the federal system would work and how it could not work (which is being violated at every turn by our national leaders). But in their other writings, they mention God and Jesus Christ–and the Christian Religion–often and reverently. As a case in point, here’s what George Washington said, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” Our Supreme Court, in Church of the Holy Trinity vs. the U. S., 1892, said this: “[B]ecause of a general recognition of this truth [that we are a Christian nation], the question has seldom been presented to the courts . . . .” Then, in The People vs. Ruggles, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, Chancellor Kent, said, “The people of this state, in common with the people of this country, profess the general doctrines of Christianity, as the rule of their faith and practice. . . . We are a Christian people, and the morality of the country is deeply engrafted upon Christianity. . . .” Calvin Coolidge said, “The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country.” There are many more instances. Study their writings!

          • I believe the reason he has not been impeached is because of the riots it would cause. When there were riots due to Rodney King, it was awful, and it was scary. That wasn’t long before O.J. stood trial, and one of the reasons O.J. was not convicted. Our gov. KNOWS that if we impeach Obama, riots would destroy many cities of this country. Seems so many of his followers don’t care about right or wrong, just that they believe he is their “black” pres. which BTW he is 1/7 black.

          • Our hands are tied by the color of his skin and the lap dog media……….any other leader would be facing impeachment

        • Amen…I did’nt vote for ahole. I have alwaways asked: How in the hell could any American vote for a President with the name HUSSIEN?????.

          • RickLee>Wow…that doesn’t sound racist at all. It shouldn’t matter what the person’s name is or their origin, what matters the most is what and who they stand for. Clearly, Obama doesn’t truly support the American people as much as he may have led some of us to believe. .

            We the people need to stand up in masses and as nonviolently as possible, let our government know that we’re sick of their shit and we’re not going to tolerate this massive mistreatment from anyone. Very few of us would allow or tolerate mistreatment on a local level, why the hell are we tolerating it on a bigger scale?!!!! Especially when the decisions and actions of others “in charge” are affecting OUR future, not so much theirs?!!!

            Lastly, who of us would hire someone for a job and continue to pay them for 5-8 yrs while they continue to do a shitty job and therefore misrepresent us? Think about it.

          • I’m sorry to say, but we have allowed this to happen, and we will be paying for way longer than 5 to 8 years. We will be paying for the rest of his and his wife’s lives.

          • That is so ignorant its laughable! Who doesn’t vote for a person because of his name?? Someone I guess who knows he won’t be able to comprehend the credentials it takes to even run for President. WOW.

          • And his credentials are BS. Birth certificate FAKE. SS# which one? College transcripts who knows? So don’t talk about credentials. If I had credentials with the mystery like his. I would not be able to get a job at Mc D’s let alone president!!!!!!!!!

        • He will not leave or be impeached because he was PUT in office for a reason. That reason includes Democrats and Republicans. The reason was to screw the American people over worse than ever because this country is so messed up that the only way for the rich to KEEP THEIR AMERICA is to make us pay more and get less. His job as President is to be a distraction while we get screwed. And like it or not that is why Reagan and Bush were PUT in office too. I have no problem throwing him out of office but we need someone in there working for us.

          • Absolutely. And I think he was a shoe-in for president. THEY ALL wanted him in (the people that really count and make decisions). They knew he could put it to us better than we’d let any apparently wealthy-looking white wealthy male, while we scrambled around aimlessly pointing fingers at each other.

        • i pray for gov every night. What they need is JESUS CHRIST IN THERE LIFE. JESUS WOULD TURN THE TABLES ON THEM!! wake up gov, get the job on the ball. so the american people can find better jobs, like it use to be and not have to go homeless with children on the streets.GOD have mercy on all of them!!!

          • The name Barry Soetoro was a name he used as a child when his mother was with a man with that last name. He took his new family’s name and shortened Barack to Barry. He was also born in the US, making him a US citizen. He’s also christian. At least bash him on facts.

          • not even in the same league. you must be someone that will not live up to responsibilty for your lack of work ethics. even flipping burgers at a fast food rest. is better than living off of NON ENTITELMENTS that is why it is called work.

          • If you believe G.W. Bush was the worst president in history. You know nothing about U.S. history. Andrew Jackson brought down the U.S. banking system. Hoover’s actions drove us from a recession into the great depression in only two years.

            Clinton was impeached. HE WAS FOUND GUILTY OF PERJURY (LYING UNDER OATH). He lost his law license for this crime. Like with Nixon, the cover up was the problem more than the crime itself.

            And speaking of Nixon, while it was clear that Nixon would have been impeached for trying to cover up the Watergate break-in. It is very unlikely that he would have been removed from office. Love him or hate him – Richard Nixon LOVED his country and put it first instead of himself a number of times. The two most important were when he resigned and in the 1960 election.

            On the evening of the election, it was clear that there was massive voter fraud in Chicago. This fraud is what turned the state of Illinois to a Kennedy win. Nixon campaign stuff tried to push him into protesting and asking for an investigation. Nixon’s stated, “that would cause the American people to distrust the election process which would damage the country.”

            A group of lawyers and lawyer students started to investigate. In April 1961 Wexler’s report, found “substantial” miscounts in the 1,367 precincts it examined, including unqualified voters, misread voting machines and math mistakes. When only qualified voters were counted and misreads and math mistakes were corrected the winner of Illinois was clearly Nixon. Voter fraud charges were filed against 187 people, most were thrown out by the democratic Chicago judge but 24 people were found guilty and jailed.

            Nixon reason for resign was, “No President can fight an impeachment and still perform his Presidential duties. Winner or lose his effectiveness as the President has been impacted. It is best for the country that he step down and let the office of the President get back to dealing with the business of the country.”

          • Guess I’m not allowed to reply directly to Cathy, but she is clueless about Jackson. The entire election of 1832 was about the Second Bank of the United States. Jackson fought against it. He won. And he dismantled it.

            Now, in these days of the Federal Reserve and “Quantitative Easing,” we need another Jackson to save us. (And BTW, the Wiemar Republic didn’t do so well with its “Quantitative Easing.”)

          • Have you taken US History? This is possibly the most ignorant thing that I have ever read. We have had so many worse. We have one worse now.

          • I would change that mostly agreeable statement to, “the worst (note the letter t on the end) president this country has ever had was little George bush, until we got obomber.

          • .Kwan: re your baseless comment, I have four words for you – Andrew Johnson, Jimmy Carter. Instead of name-dropping as you have done in this thread, spend a few hours researching the impact these two men had on our Republic during the time that they were Chief Executive. It’s easy to simply throw Bush 43 under the bus as you did, but historical evidence might change your opinion were you to take the time to investigate the man’s predecessors beforehand.

            As for the individual currently occupying the WH, his refusal to conduct the Nation’s business in a “transparent” manner (which he claimed would be a “hallmark” of his Administration) combined with 1] his obsession to pass a destructive healthcare legislation at the expense of addressing domestic ills, 2] neutering of the military across the globe, and 3] his blatant disdain for the Constitution that he SWORE to “preserve, protect, and defend” will all place his standing among the “worst” Presidents at, or very near the top when history casts its light upon his Presidency.

        • What you don’t understand is that Obama will not have to pay for their vacations with their own money is because of what you and I will be paying him as he leaves office for the rest of his life. We will pay for his security with secret service guards o matter where he goes, lives or visits. His pension for being President weather he is good at it or not is HUNDREDS of DOLLARS more than any service person male/female retired or on disability from being injured in war, on the battlefield. So think about what you are paying for and weather you like it or not YOU & I will be paying him. Now is this what the blacks of America wanted to have happen when they elected him and put his black wife & children in the White House? I don’t think so & if it is you that voted for him you deserve what you get.

          • The Obama’s have vacationed a whole hell of lot less than W. Bush ever did. Bush set the record. The Obamas can vacation whenever they want, because they should. He’s the president. Who gives a f@5k. Bush was an absolute war criminal, invading nations on hunches and for cover when all of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian (long-time oil partners with the Bush’s). Bush acted so blatantly illegal, only his status of president kept him out of jail. I just don’t see the sort of illegality in Obama that I saw in Bush.

          • Open your fucking eyes Benghazi! He sits there and smugly proclaims “I’m really good at killing people!” Oh what’s the use! He could murder your children. In fact he has! and you’d still eat his shit!

          • Wow, the Black population is actually an extremely low number especially in the voting realm… so, I will assume they can really thank people like you.

        • everyone IS AFRAID TO LET THE FIRST BULLET FLY. This thing is just the beginning,,THey have horded ammunition,they know the is more coming down the pike and they are hoping to forestall a revolutuin..This man has been groomed for the exact think he is doing RIGHT NOW. It’s just the tip of the iceberg..The ride is gearing up to start…and it won;y be pretty.

        • Nov. 18, 1987 – Lest we forget the great communicator – these scumbags were responsible for so much scum that we’re still dealing with – how bout repealing the reagan tax cuts and getting our country back?

          After nearly a year of hearings into the Iran-Contra scandal, the joint Congressional investigating committee issues its final report. It concluded that the scandal, involving a complicated plan whereby some of the funds from secret weapons sales to Iran were used to finance the Contra war against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, was one in which the administration of Ronald Reagan exhibited “secrecy, deception, and disdain for the law.” Naming several members of the Reagan administration as having been directly involved in the scheme (including National Security Advisor John Poindexter and deceased CIA Director William Casey), the report stated that Reagan must bear “ultimate responsibility.” A number of government officials were charged and convicted of various crimes associated with the scandal. By the way, President Regan was the biggest actor of his time/he this is academy award.

          • That sounds a lot like Fast and Furious and/or Benghazi in which no investigation has caused ANY government officials to be charged, let alone convicted (Start with Eric Holder )

        • “He will not resign cause he and the wife would have to start paying for their vacations and their lifestyle.” This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. My company will pay the Obama’s $10 million dollars a year if they come work for us. $10 million. He currently makes under $500,000, and she makes nothing. He’d make more, but he give away all of his book profits. Hate his policies all you want, but don’t attack the man with idiotic baloney.

        • Look up how many vacation days Pres. Bush took and compare it to the number taken by Pres. Obama. He is Black and he won. Get over it because neither are going to change.

          • If anybody deserves to have been impeached is Bush with the WMD that was his reason for war, and his bailout of all his Wall Street buddies. All the jobs lost and homes and everything else rests on his legacy!!!

        • If, in fact, we reap what we sow, Obama will not enjoy his final reward and I pray, we as individual Americans learn from it.

        • I agree with all u have stated…Why hasn’t he been impeached. He has some big strong power behind him… This countries future really worries me.!!!!!

          Its not about the color of his skin, its his politics or lack there of…

        • The reason they won’t impeach him and remove him from office is they do not want Joe Biden as president. That was the whole point of picking him for VP it was insurance that no one would try to take O out with Biden second in command.
          I do agree they are the worst First Family the country has ever had, hopefully people will wake up and make sure not to vote for someone due to race instead of their background or views

        • simple answer to that is because they are BLACK, and somewhere in the background of his including him and his wife and family now, ISLAM is at the core, thats what i think. and I stand up and applaud MR Mychal Massie IN EVERYTHING HE SAY`S.

        • Does anyone know any history? Has Obama put the whole military into war and socialized the entire economy to support it just so JP Morgan wouldn’t get stuck holding the bad debt of England? Wilson did. Did he let a crisis explode just so he could score points against a political enemy? Did he provoke and abet a foreign nation into attacking a military outpost? Did he hand over eastern europe to communists? Did he have a KGB agent as his right hand? FDR did. Forget those pikers. Did he shut down newspapers and deport a congressman for disagreeing with him. Has he instituted a draft? Did he use half the nation to go to war against the other half of the nation resulting in the death of 600,000 Americans and print paper money to pay for it? Lincoln did. Obama is a terrible president, a loathesome man, with an insufferable family, but he isn’t even close to the worst we’ve seen.

        • used the “N” slur is not showing anyone you have the mental ability to make a decision for our president or our country!! Racism is NOT the way to correct our existing problems- UNITY is- I am Native American and I can speak with experience from my bloodline- racism is degrading and unnecessary and it only hurts people

          • How can you say that is a racist statement? Do you actually know if “K” is white. After all, if he is black, it isn’t a racist statement. It’s only racist if a white person says it.

          • If “K” said the N word she MUST be black because that’s how they address each other! Why would you assumevthat “K” is white? Most whites say “Black” or called it the “N” word rather than repeat the actual word! Blacks have become the biggest racists of all, especially against their own people!!! Listen to some of their music if you don’t think so!

          • Marie, isn’t using your Native American status racist in it’s own sense. Yes, Native American is your heritage but surely you are an American. I have an Irish heritage but do not refer to myself as Irish American, but simply American because that’s what I am. Racism will continue as long as people seperate themselves. African American, Native American….we’re all American (unless you are illegal, that’s a whole different story.) Yes, the “N” word probably wasn’t necessary but the state that the current president has put this country in can bring out some very passionate emotions on all sides. Freedom of speech, while we still have it.

        • Come on…it’s people like you that make black people think that all white people are racist…..for me, I don’t like Obama as a “president” because of policy and I think he is a horrible person….he is the most arrogant president ever….I hate arrogant people.

        • Any slur of that nature is racist it doesn’t matter the color of your skin I am black if a black person walks up and calls me a nigger he is racist also against his own people if a white person walks up to another white person and calls him a cracker or whatever slur white people use they are racist against their own people. If we took account of our history we would know that these words will never go away so our community all our communties have turned those slurs and insults to words of empowerment niggers rednecks wetbacks spec watever in order for the negative usuage of the word to be gone you must embrace

          • The problem is, being Caucasian, I don’t get offended if anyone calls me a cracker. Being called a nigger is just another ploy of “oh that’s racist”. I call bull$hit!!!!!!!!. Black people call each other niggers all the time. But, if any other race calls a black person a nigger it’s racist. Bull$hit! Quit looking for excuses and sucking off the governments nipple.

        • K you are a racist! Obviously, you are what I call White Trash! Same as you calling our President the “N” word! Why on earth are you so hateful and bitter?

        • WHY would he resign???… he has no reason to… He has EVERY reason to stay put.. America by the balls,… although it appears America has no balls left. STOLEN by the media. He the massa…. Clearly his intent has been to enslave us. Well… I for one would like to take my ball and go home… HOME? oh yeah.. that too has been stolen. America the “home” of the brave and the free…

        • too arrogant? HE HAS NO REASON TO RESIGN. just because you or any right winger doesn’t like him DOES NOT mean he should resign for no reason. this is real life.

      • we should find out how to start impeachment in our state AND DO IT NOT JUST TALK ABOUT IT put your money where your mouth is. i live in nevada i found out and doing my part,. now all of you who bitch about it and sit on your butts and talk about it. just shut up and get business. nothing is going to change as long as we just bitch and sit still get up and do what you can to take us back. NOW

      • Mr Don Manning that is a bit harsh dont you think ? hang him what are we back in the stupidity days of slavery ? REALLY ?? good lord man he might sucks as a president because he is the fall man maybe we should hand all the politicians in the white house those are the ones that tell that man what to do and for you SIR this is how starts & kids get thought from one generation to the other this is how the world loves to hate because of people that think like you shame on you Sir…

        • yes i would hang him and all his cronies in Washington. That is what is wrong in America today. we quit hanging people. people who get put in prison for murder, get out in 10-15 years or less, so why not do it again. if you hang them after the first time, they will not get chance to do it again, and others will think twice about doing it themselves. Same thing goes for Obama. He is the biggest terrorist threat to America and should be tried for treason. And the punishment for treason, in the old days? HANGING!!!

          • i’m so very….very…glad i’m not a little sniveling scared simpleton like you. you sir bring shame to this country.

        • “Nixon resigned post impeachment”

          PRE Impeachment. Not post.
          He resigned BEFORE he could be impeached. Not after he was impeached.

          Only two Presidents have ever been impeached. Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton.

      • Resignation for nobama is not what we should be striving for…a resignation would insure that he and she receive our taxpayer dollars for the rest of their corrupt lives. Efforts must be taken to relieve them from office without any retirement, secret service attention or any other federal monies given or awarded to them. We have been living through the corruption for five years now and have been paying for the privilege!! No more funds should be spent for this abomination. As a side note, Hiliary ain’t that much better…she espouses much of the same tactics…we should all beware anytime she is running for another opportunity to hold any public office.


      • I don’t know why his color has ever even become an issue. Why do you have an issue with what he does you are so focused on the small issues/mistakes he makes. This is THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! Where is your respect?!! Hearing people like you speak makes me realize we have a VERY long way to go as African Americans. A majority of people respect us, yes, but I feel that every where I go I hear something about our people being incapable. By the way, remember who ended the war that shocked our world. I remember being in fourth grade the day the towers got knocked down. I had no idea or hope that it would ever end. The President of the United States is our leader, and just like our parents told us when we were kids, what may be good for our wellbeing may not be what we want. Americans need to take initiative and stop acting like children with their hand out. A wise man once said, “It’s not what your country can do for you, It’s what you can do for your country”.

        • Thank you so much for your response. The only issue I have: no matter what office someone holds, they shouldn’t demand and receive respect…..as with everyone else, they should have to “EARN” it, after all they are only human too.

        • My disrespect if for the man not the office and for him because I don’t agree at all with his policies or how he does his job and has absolutely nothing to do with his color. In days gone by a I remember that blacks weren’t educated as whites so they had no way to learn what whites learned but today it’s not that way. Any race is free to learn as much as they want. This president evidently didn’t learn as much as he could have or he has no common sense not sure which. But no matter what color you are if you can’t do the job you need to be fired and he clearly can’t do the job. He is trashing our country and spitting on the founding fathers with his anti constitutional beliefs. As far as ending a way, there are still troops there losing lives every day.How is that ending a war. He has done nothing but lie to the American people from day one and I see sign of that changing. He needs to be impeached and removed from office but that will not happen with the Senate full of his cronies doing what ever he wants. I am so ashamed of our first black president. IF he is the example of what blacks want for our country I hope he is the last one.

      • NO, NOT resign…it’s gone WAY past that. He’s a traitor of the worst kind, and our military needs to go in, arrest him, throw the bitch wife and children OUT and deport them, put him on trial then hang his damn ass.

        How F*&^kING sad, that the very first black president this country has ever had, is allowed to go in and act like he does. It might very well be 300 years before white America (and sadly, many black people), vote in another black President. Since slavery began in this Country, and especially after, blacks have longed for a black president, one that would show the country he was every bit as good as a white one, one they could be proud of….and this P I E C E O F S H I T just spit in their faces, and is actively trying to imprison them once more, enslavement to the government.

        • Flynn: This isn’t a question about skin color (altho’ millions upon millions of blacks voted for him because of it and for absolutely no other reason.) It’s about COMPETENCE and one’s being QUALIFIED to assume the Office – neither of which the man possessed six years ago, and which as time has proven since he first took the Oath, he lacks now. His peers (other world leaders) must surely snicker behind his back, while others openly express their disbelief at how utterly unprepared he is when it comes time to discuss national security measure, yet he’ll fly around the globe as if he were a celebrity without a care in the world, soaking-up the adulation of adoring crowds along the way.

          God willing, we will survive until the end of 2016, but if this Nation replaces this calculating bum with Hillary, then we are surely finished as a Republic.

        • BRAVO, BRAVO! You are a breathe of fresh air compared to most ALL people in the world. You see the truth and you speak your feelings from the heart and the brain. I was raised by my parents to never judge one by their color or religion or any other way until you get to know them – then only judge an individual by their own actions not by public comments. My father (Pop) always told me “Never judge a person from their head to their toes, only judge them from the heart out.” I’v tried to live my life by those words.

          Keith Woolard

      • Just a technical thing here (most Americans don’t realize it), two presidents have been impeached, Clinton and Johnson, but neither was removed. Impeachment is ONLY the House of Reps job. The Senate then tries the person and finds them guilty or acquits them. So the House could easily impeach him, but your right that the Senate would acquit him.


        • I’m sorry to say this, but I’m having a hard time trying to figure out this comment. Anyone else? If not, could you please explain it in a much more clear manner. Thank you.

          • He said,stop the hate of the Prsd. The whole thing is you just don’t want a African running the country…nothing more or less…your founding fathers had slaves,rape the women and children,kill women and children of the Indian nations for their land and gold.where is the out cry for that or is that your M.O.,to hate anyone that is not white.and for you house nixxxx,you will never be excepted by the whites,so stop with the trying…you are a joke to them…now this is for the ones who hate anything that isn’t white because every person is not like you haters…read the real history of this country..it’s not that fairy-tail you hear about all the time…so please just tell the truth for once in your life time and that is (you just don’t like a African leading this country!!!!!!

        • his comment is a cry for help to all races all people to not sit in your lil comfort zones that this country has created for you. His comment is about love and not attacking one person or family or anything of that nature. There doesnt always have to be an adversarial point of view or exchange. In fact, just expressing honestly your true thoughts lead people to love you or hate. But… it always starts with being uncomfortable before progress begins.

      • Yes,this is an opinion……But with documented facts … and I might add .. that’s just what the mainstream media is but with a twist – they are using opinions without facts.

          • Show the fact??? Are you serious?!? The fact have been out for the world to see but they are ignored by people like you. His record is hid for a reason. His birth certificate was doctored and was proven but people like you don’t want to hear it. All you have to do is get the document off of the government site and blow it up, it is obvious even to the non professional. But no, people like you want to argue without ever taking a hard look at it. You believe without investigating. You don’t bother to look, you just defend, either because of the color of his skin or because you follow party lines no matter what is staring you in the face. Do a little home work, look instead of just defending. I think you will be stunned. Open your eyes.

          • Here ya go!

            Obama Plans to Bypass Congress to Create National Monuments
            Obama Bypasses Congress to Implement Liberal Climate Policy
            Obama Skips Past Congress Again With Health Mandate Delay
            Obama bypasses Congress, orders waiver on ban of aid to Palestinians
            Obama Bypasses Congress Again to Fund Universal Preschool
            Obama Bypasses Congress With Gun Control on Felons
            Obama Bypasses Congress and Closes Guantanamo Bay, Sends Prisoners Home First Class
            Obama Bypasses Congress to Mandate Black Boxes for All Cars — Beginning in ’14
            Obama Bypasses Congress, Signs Two New Executive Orders On Gun Control
            Yet again is resorting to his abuse of executive powers in an effort to implement
            federal gun control which he can’t get passed through congress.


            Obama AG Holder Admits to Not Having Read Arizona Immigration Law He Opposed

            “US Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Faisal Shahzad’s extremist background and resume. Holder knew about Faisal’s links to the Pakistani Taliban but refused to admit that Islamic radicals were behind the Times Square bomb plot yesterday during his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

            Obama accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly

            Obama lied about his mother’s death and problems with insurance


            Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family.


            While Obama was campaigning, he told some whoppers about his father. Obama said that his father had served in World War II and received services that he needed as a veteran when he returned home.

            President Barack Obama’s biological father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was born in Kenya on 04 April 1936. When World War II started on 01 September 1939, President Obama’s father was little more than 3 years old. When the Battle of Britain took place, President Obama’s father was barely 4 years old. When World War II ended, he was 9 years old. I could find no evidence that Barack Obama, Sr. had participated in any military service.

            President Obama’s Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was born on 02 January 1935. He also was too young for military service during World War II. Mr. Soetoro was conscripted for one year of military service and apparently did fight the Communist rebels in Indonesia – this was not something President Obama could confuse with World War II service.

            It might be possible that President Obama was having trouble with organizing his facts. We recall that President Obama thought he had visited 57 of the 58 states in the United States at that point in his campaign travels. Perhaps he was fatigued at these times?

            Maybe Obama meant his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who served in the US Army during World War II? Dunham enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor and served as an infantryman with General George S. Patton’s Tank Corps.

            There are several recorded videos of President Obama’s lies on You Tube and elsewhere. This is a very unfortunate situation for our nation. A wise man would carefully choose his words and guard his integrity above all else.

            The facts are there, get off your dead ass find them yourself.

        • Documented facts are all we would like to see. We hear what all you people are claiming all we are asking is produce these facts. We don’t want those one sided facts from FuxNews.

          • Al of these accusations can be documented and most of them don’t come from Fox News…just another sign you blindly follow this man either because he constantly tries to dis Fox News. The only main stream news outlet that even tries to tell the truth. I don’t watch Fox News. I do get Mychal’s daily blogs and news briefs and he will document everything there. Take a look! and wake up!

          • Here’s a fact for you: You’re as blind as a dang bat if you can’t/won’t see what’s going on in today’s world. Or are you living under a rock?

          • This is the problem. The facts are given to you and you won’t read them. This could be why you defend him, you constantly want others to do the work for you. Let me ask you, do you qualify for subsidies under Obama Care?

          • How about the fact that my insurance has been free since I retired in 1993 because I paid a big premium while working so I could have it free when I retired and this year I got a letter from my insurance that said due to insurance changes cause by the Affordable Care Act we will have to start changing you a monthly premium of $40 a month beginning in January 2014. That doesn’t sound like much but to me it’s a lot. It’s what I pay for my phone. So as a senior citizen I may have to give up a telephone to be able to keep my insurance. This man, no matter what you call his color, doesn’t care squat about the citizens that aren’t dependent on the gvt. He wants us all to be dependent on the gvt. That’s just wrong.

          • I am so sorry this is going to happen to you. It’s not fair when you did everything to make sure you had insurance in the first place. You are not the only one that will be affected negatively, but as you said…the present administration doesn’t care. For many years I paid for medical and dental insurance that I didn’t even use. Money down the drain, but that was my option to pay for it. Now I’m being told it’s MANDATORY, because I have to pay for those that can’t afford it. Since when did I take on these “deadbeats” to raise? It’s my opinion that if we have to pay for those that can’t afford it, then we should also be given the right to dictate other aspects of their lives. I should be allowed to make them have abortions, hysterectomies, vasectomies, and they should have to do chores as I need them done, without pay, as I am already paying into the system for them and their children. There should be a limit to how many children they are allowed to have. The limit should be one, and if they elect to have more, then that tells me that they are capable of working and caring for them themselves. If they are unable to work, then they should have to pick up trash on the roadways to get govt assistance. The taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for childcare since we have freeloaders that are able to care for our children for “free”, as we are already paying them. Just think about it, and I’m sure you can come up with other things they could be doing for the free assistance they are receiving. I know I have.

          • They used to have to work for their benefits if they were able to work and child care was provided for them. My sister in law used to make $4000 a month doing Child care for welfare families. I agree we shouldn’t have to work to pay for those that refuse to work. Our DC leaders should be busy coming up with jobs for people in this country instead of forcing us all to buy their insurance. But I’ve seen some that are trained for a specific job that won’t take anything else because it’s beneath them. I say if you need to apply for welfare take the job that’s there and if you still need help ok. I also think that if they went back to giving commodities instead of food stamps they’d be doing us all a favor. In commodities they got powdered milk, flour, corn meal cheese butter, shortening or lard, noodles, rice, other what I call staples that you actually have to cook to eat. Too many today only know how to fix meals from cans or frozen dinner type things. That’s why we have such a weight problem in this country. We used to work to cook the meal and to clean it up as well as all the other things we had to do by hand that there are machines to do. We don’t need the government to take care of everyone. We need them to get the jobs here for everyone. I hate to see young people using these plastic diapers. They are horrible for the environment. Also, if they can’t buy food how can they buy those diapers. I washed diapers in a wringer washer and hung them on a line to dry. It was work but in those days there was really no choice. I agree they should have to use birth control when on assistance. They have that one thing that goes in to their arm and lasts for 5 yrs. I had a family in my case load that ended up 2 of the teens lost their medical card and they were removed from the food stamps because they had too many kids and it raised their income to over the limit for the medical card and for the food stamps. The mom was still having kids and her teen agers were having them too. I told the older one when she reported she was pregnant for the 2nd time she needed to get birth control. She said she couldn’t because I stopped her medical card so I told her-in front of her mom-to stay out of the back seat of the care and to keep her pants on. She didn’t need any more kids. If you actually work with these people, there are some that really don’t want help but have no choice but there are also some who just don’t want to work. I could talk all night on this stuff. I even considered writing a book and changing the names but it would be a best seller I’m sure.

          • Thank you for replying back. I can see that you have given this much thought, as I have. I also think that going back to recipients only receiving “staples” is the way to go. They shouldn’t be allowed to use the food stamp card to buy fast food, Starbucks, etc. I can’t even afford to buy Starbucks, especially on a daily basis, as some of them do.

            Why is it that if you go on unemployment you lose your benefits if you’re not actively looking for work [or you don’t even receive benefits in the first place], and if you’re offered one of the jobs you apply for and it’s not what you’re used to making, you have to take it because if you turn it down then you won’t get unemployment? I have had people tell me how they “cheat” the system so that they can keep getting unemployment without having to actively look for another job.

            The mentality of the populace has changed drastically since my generation. This generation feels “entitled” to be given any and everything they desire for free. We even have children, and I use that term loosely, living at home past the age of thirty and their parents are footing the bill because they are too lazy to find a job. AND, the parents let them get away with it.

            Maybe the reason for that is because the system allowed too many to receive free care such as housing, food, and actual money to live on without doing anything in return – beginning in the past, and this generation seeing that feels that they should also be taken care of by the system as well. In which case, who can blame them for thinking this way? Who wouldn’t want to be completely taken care of and not have to worry about anything financially?

            Oh well, I too could rant and rave until I’m blue in the face, but what’s the point…..I don’t see a change for the better any time soon.

            I pray for us all……..

          • There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

            There is NO END to unimpeachable ‘FACTS’, that stand in evidence of the multitude of crimes which Obama and his evil minions have and continue to perpetrate against individual Americans and as a result, the nation itself.

            The simple fact is that There are NO Leftist Americans, because one cannot simultaneously adhere to both the thesis and the antithesis… and there is nothing which stands more opposed to the American thesis, than the advocates of Foreign Ideas Hostile to American Principles, on the Ideological left.

            Leftism rests in relativism, which holds that THERE IS NO TRUTH… thus there is no objective basis for law, therefore there is no justice.

            What you see in these people is nothing short of evil… .

            And it is simply, no more complex than THAT.

        • If you have documented facts you should present them. Turn the “facts” over to Fox News and I am sure they will them out to the public. I still says if there were “facts” they would be presented and proven to be exactly that, so why hesitate.

      • And I bet this black man’s opinion would not even matter if this very same president was white and most of his co-signers in this thread would have a different reply to the many lies he spew. When will we ever find those weapons of mass destruction the one lie which got thousands of young soldiers killed. If he doesn’t like lies this had to have been one he really dislikes.

        • Wrong. Jimmy Carter was a terrible president too. Anybody slamming Carter isn’t accused of being a racist, so why call people who slam Obama racists? Because you have no intelligent argument to put forward so you pull out the race card, that’s why.

        • SOOOO sick of your “race” BS…. you are clearly a hater of America. Just as our “president” is. What else could explain this koolaid following of a lying HALF white man… who is breaking the law at every turn.

        • Additionally… you calling him a “BLACK” man… proves that YOU are the racist… since, …. he could JUST as easily be called a white man…

          • No, actually I have quite a few friends w/ mixed kids…they are considered “by the world” black….there is no box to check for mixed. I’m anything but racist. Just can’t stand Obama’s lies and how he flaunts it in the people’s face.

    • How is this happening you ask? In two words Harry Reid. We need clear Republican leadership and We have to control the congress in 2014 to do anything

      • well im niether republican or democrat i work at a job that has insurance. but in my own opinion we need to get all the freeloading politicians out of the government office`s and im talking the politicians put people in those jobs that want to help america not line there pockets with the american tax payers money.we have americans in this country that have worked hard to get what they have and it seems that our government makes it harder for then to get by when they reach retirement age why is that? i look at our politicians and it is getting very hard for me to tell the difference between dem and repub doed anyone else feel this way

    • I read this article and Say Bravo!! you said the the spoken truth and also in a few words, IMPEACHMENT is the answer, so when are the people going to stand up for America?-Amen-In God We Trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Why are they still in the white house”
      “There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.”
      As stated by Mr. Massie above,they are still in the white house for no other reason than the fact that they are black and he is the first black man to be elected president. Everyone, the media included are afraid of being labeled RACIST if they go after the first black man to be elected president. If he were white this would have already ended. This too is an opinion, no I am not a racist. I dislike anyone who disrespects our nation, our veterans, and our constitution and bill of rights as the Obama’s have. His policies are destroying this country.

      • The question is answered. The first black President in history and the people behind him that has helped his coverups all thru his adult life. Therefore he is still being protected by them. That is why he will never be impeached, too many people behind him.

        • He is a Mixed President. Throw the none black part of him out, and you won’t be called a racist. He is NOT totally black. Color is not the issue, but policies are. The people do not approve of him, now. Look at his ratings. In the 40’s. He has to go, by hook or crook. Facts seem to not matter because he is black. No, he is mixed, and facts should matter for all, be they black, mixed, white, or what ever.

    • I agree totally Why are they still in the White House? I Know Congress takes the high road always….they wouldnt dare be brought down to real people standards or have the same rules, insurances etc. However if it was the last thing I did, it would be worth it to have been known as someone that finally stood of for the betterment of the Country, Its People and Justice for ALL….to IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

    • Impeachment could start in the House of Representatives and most likely pass where it would be sent to the Senate where it would die. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats would vote for Impeachment of this pResident. That’s why Republicans need to have a stronger majority in the House and take over the Senate in 2014 so that Impeachment, if needed, can be achieved. At least that’s my take on it.

    • I completely agree!! He has give food ,money and weapons to our enemies!!!! In other words he is guilty of TREASON for giving aid and comfort to the enemy!!!!! I could care less if he is black. obummer and holder make what Nixon did look like a school prank!!!!!! Clinton had white water and Lewinsky. obummer makes that look like a childish prank. He has more bodies and criminal endeavors than ninety percent of people in our prisons. obummer and his minions need to join them in prison. He and moochie have brought great dishonor to this country. They need to go while we still have a country left.

    • Besides going back to school to study history and politics, invest in a dictionary and learn how.to spell correctly.Your atrocious grammar certainly tips to what side of the table you sit on.

    • President Obama is still in office because millions of uninformed, self-centered Americans ( and some non-Americans) voted to keep him there.

    • We can not change the past but we can unite and change our future. I am so sick and tired about hearing about past Presidents. This has nothing to do with Obama being African-American. He is bi-racial…. Michelle married a bi-racial man… which means her daughters have mixed blood. Obama was raised by a white Mother and white grandparents. Everything the author said is true. America is hurting. He needs to resign, work in a homeless shelter, walk the streets of the homeless, shop at the Thrift Shop like millions of Americans have to especially at Christmas. He needs to read the 10 commandments everyday. Go Away Mr. President – stop destroying the American people.

    • A good start is to just make them pay for all their ‘vacations’ and any thing not absolutely required. But that would be way to simple and we must not do that as it would really hurt their feelings…think of how much it would save by cutting them off.

    • in my humble opinion, he was elected by people that believe that government owes them a lifestyle of no responsebilty for thier own actions and spineless politicion that only want to get re-elected again for them and thier families to be taken care of on the diminishing middle class workers. ALL politicians should be held to a salary cap of the average income of thier consituants. then see real reform.

    • answer to Don Manning. The reason BHO is still in office and will not be impeached is simple. The Democrats will stand with him until the end (of America as we know it). The Republicans will not take action, because of fear of the race riots that will ensue. Convinced they will be blamed (which they will be without doubt). So O’s reign of Marxism will continue until His mission is accomplished. He is not a threat to the true elite, because He is a useful idiot who packs no intellectual or political punch.

    • The bottomline is race. They refrain from moving forward with it because the congress doesn’t want to be deemed as being racists, because that is exactly what will happen. I have heard utterances already.There is a sect of blacks and some non-blacks that like to manipulate things by overusing racism. A non-black can’t express an honest opinion without being called a racist. If you’re a jerk, you’re a jerk, I don’t care what color you are. This specific group of people don’t care how bad someone is, as long as they are black, that’s all that matters to them. You would think they would have learned with Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson. These people never gave their black community a second thought until they ran into trouble, and reaped the benefits of Black activists marching and holding signs in their defense, all the while they went about their business not even acknowledging them except once, where O.J. thanked them at the end of his trial, but never looked back again. Obama will be the same way. He doesn’t have any respect for women. Something I have recently learned. What Obama is sadly brain dead about, is that if all hell broke lose in this country, his bodyguards would protect him just so much. He and his family would be the first to go. Thats just the raw facts.

    • he is still in office because the liberals have no love for this country. they are giving our country’s resources away faster than we can accrue them. if they want to take care of the people that won’t help take care of themselves, I have no problem with that, as long as they do it with their resources. what I have worked for is mine, and i’ll be damned if i’m going to support these useless bastards. I have fought to protect the people that love this country and who have contributed to it’s success. I have always helped people down on their luck, and will continue to do so. but only if they make an effort to help themselves. to the ones only looking for a handout, you’ll starve before I give you a morsel to eat. this country would be better off without these blood suckers

    • Wow! I am so happy to not know you hateful people! I have never read such outright vicious and despicable garbage in my life. Regardless of the color of this “cough cough” reporter/journalist, what a waste of space this article is. It is people like this that keep the country divided. BTW Regan wasn’t a great president and his wife was more elitist than Michelle Obama has ever portrayed. Nancy Regan totally redecorated the White House and bought new china which alone was over $200,000.00 ! Regan was a nice guy but, not an efficient president and his spending was triple what this president has done. Get your facts straight before you publish such trash.

      • By your own admission, you have clearly portrayed Nancy Reagan as a much better first lady than Michelle. Nancy redecorated THE WHITE HOUSE and bought new china for….THE WHITE HOUSE. Big difference here. This is the biggest difference between a liberal and evrybody else, in general, you guys aren’t paying attention andnyou spew out facts without noticing that you end up supporting the people that you are fighting against.

    • Then the provost officer can stop on his way and pick up Bush and Cheney so they can be tried for treason and the lies they told to the American people too. That doesn’t count the conflict of interest with Haliburton making millions thanks to them.
      I don’t mind so much his racism~there are thousands of Black people that hate white people. The only difference is that if it were a white man demonstrating the same behavior as President Obama, he would be tried, convicted, and put to death the same day……Just Sayin’

    • I really think the reason they have not impeached him yet is because they wanted a black president and when they elected him to office and then he has did the opposite of what they expected of him, I really think they hate to admit it and are scared to try and get him out of office now. The ones who voted him in thought he would be a real president and do what was expected of him especially being the first black president and it really hurts them knowing he has completely failed them. I think if something is not done to impeach him soon it is going to be to late because he is turning our country into a place that we will be scared to live in.

    • America, America, like the song that I use to know. Not even people that I thought were conservatives, not anything to do with color, like Bill O’Reilly stands up to the craziness that has wrapped itself around the United States of America. Thank you for not thinking in color.

    • Impeach merely means to bring charges. It doesn’t mean to get him out. But yes we need those in congress to impeach this hater of American values. He’s a disgrace. It blows my mind that anyone could still support him but they do because MSNBC continues to lie for him and cover his complete incompetence and hatred for our values.

      • He is still in office because the Caucasians and some of the blacks realize that putting him and his family out of our White House would cause a racial war. There are still black that believe in the Obamas with heart, mind, and soul. They are willing to allow him to do whatever because of his skin color. They are wearing blinders as to what he is doing (disregarding our Constitution) so a black can remain in the White House. Obama quickly plays the color card because that is his only strong suit. He is evil and knows how to play the game to well.

    • Because they are riding the race card. This country has become so overly politically correct. It has been way over done. I think Mychal’s answer is more powerful since he is of the same race as the Obama’s. Like he said…if a white person said those things he would be branded a racist and just ignored. Yes he is black and I have no problem with that but he is not fit to be president! I agree totally with every word that Mychal said. I have always felt he has some kind of hold on the people of Washington because whatever he wants he gets and he is still in office. What is that hold we should be asking. In my opinion part of the reason he got reelected was that only one third of the registered Republicans bothered to get out and vote. Now that is horrible and I am ashamed of every one of those who could not take ten minutes out of their busy day to vote. They have no right to complain now….your time to make change was earlier. I’m not saying their candidate was much better but we already knew what a mess Obama was. And….don’t EVEN get me started on Michelle! I’ve never liked her and her face on the tv or wherever just makes me sick. She is a real piece of work. She spouts one thing but really stands for something else. She is a racist of the biggest proportion and doesn’t seem to cover it. Oh sorry….we mustn’t offend anyone…well….I am totally offended by this Damnation Duo!!!

    • Come on, no holds barred, The man IS a bastard by the traditional meaning of the word. His mother “married” a married man; that’s bigamy and it is illegal in this nation. His mother was also a porn star, if you don’t believe me go to Google Images and search for her “naked”. We all who are awake know this man is NOT Constitutionally “qualified” even had he been born in Hawaii, which he was not, because his father was NOT a U. S. Citizen ever, as required by The Constitution; and add to that the FACT that his mother surrendered his U.S. citizenship when she moved to Indonesia and allowed him to be adopted by Soetoro, changing his name legally to Barry Soetoro, the name on the Indonesian passport he used when he traveled to and attended madrases in Pakistan during the Reagan Administration and when he traveled into Hawaii to attend school there. He even attended, we know for a fact, Occidental and Columbia as a “foreign student”.

      Ages ago it was said, “To stay silent in the face of evil is death to the soul.” I submit to you that the left has lost it’s collective soul; so has the “media” and so has anyone who does not stand and say, “As for me and my family, we stand with The Constitution of the United States of America!”

    • What’s so surprising about someone who if on the far right that happens to be black? There’s nothing shocking! There are black teapartiers as well. There’s no big deal about a black conservative speaking his disdain towards the President or his wife. Woopdy-doo!!


      ~ Because the Americans voted him into office. It’s called a Democracy.

      • Intuit, this country is not a democracy. It is a Reresenative Republic. That is why we elect Represenatives in the House and Senate. Apparently you’re not “into it”.
        And, I suggest you all go to YouTube and search ” Michelle Obama speech in Africa”. You can see her and hear her say that they are happy to be in Barack’s home country of ……KENYA . That IS what she said. That is not hearsay. That is from her own words. So truthfully, he was/is inelgible to be President of the U.S.A . That is the law in the Constitution. But then again so many of you don’t care that he breaks the law as long as he’s your man.

    • He is there in office now, and will likely not be impeached or otherwise, but allowed to run out his term, because of the color of his skin. Failed leader or not, no one DARES call (forgive me, no pun intended) a spade a spade – even when it’s levied at your nose and gouging into your sinus cavities… not even when it’s digging the grave of what was once the most coveted place in the world in which to live.

    • Why? Because we the people of America do not do anything about it. We don’t know how to stop this or we expect someone else to start something.
      We need a non-violent revotution and some one to start it.


      The word you were looking for there is LYNCH. You remember like back in the good ole days where a bunch of black hating old white men put on their white robes and covered their murderous face with pointy white hats and drug young african americans from their homes and hung em from the nearest tree without a trial by jury. Are you serious lady? I address you as a lady, even though you posted under Don Manning, because I going to assume you are his wife and not his same sex partner in which case your just one great big asshole because Obama has done more for legitimizing gays than any president in history. Like the guy or wife, or don’t, but don’t suggest that he be drug out and hung for treason, because even with treasure you get a fair trial, something noticably missing from your suggestion on what should be done with him. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure that could be seen as a threat and thats never a good idea.

      Where was all this hate when Bush lied us into invading a foreign nation, that had nothing to do with 9/11, under the pretense that he was aquiring cake plutonium, and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction (neither of which turned out to be true).
      Where was the hate when the cost of his war sent our nation into freefall debt? Where was the hate when young men and women were being killed by the thousands, or when those who were fortunate enough to return with their lives, were turned away by the VA. Or when certain well known VA hospitals were caught operating in squander and dangerous environmental conditions. You people can say you don’t hate him because he’s black if saying so makes you feel better but I grew up in the south and I know what prejudice looks like, and it looks very much like you. Hopefully you’re old and your kind will die off soon because it’s people like you that keeps a choke hold on the future for this country.

    • Yes Im as white as they come Im ashamed of voting for Obamma,there I said it,I cried finnally someone.Ok someone who reminds me not to vote again,it hurts…he has a lot of self importance self …me me me….hurting people ….oh great another vaca for him and his family….it seems to me our taxes are paying for their constant vacation

    • The election of Obama as President twice running is an indication of the low caliber of the Republican Party and the candidates it has mustered against him.
      John McCain acted like a comedian who did not expect or want to get elected. McCain then added insult to his lethargic candidacy by selecting as his running mate Sarah Palin, a poster child for what is wrong with American society.
      Mitt Romney came across like a self-righteous reactionary, an impression he furthered by selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan reinforced the view of Romney as a politician who was bent on running America like the worst kind of Walmart.
      If the Republican Party does not come to its senses by the next presidential election, we may well find ourselves being once again forced to vote for the lesser evil.

    • You don’t think Reagan had jackboot thugs marching around intimidating people? think again, I don’t hate the Obamas (I do hate O’Biden) I hate that pigshit eater Nancy Pelosi

    • obama ( And I did not capitalized the 1st letter because I didn’t want to) is lower than the most awful snake there has ever been mentioned. He (and his socalled wife)needs to be arrested and put so far away in jail that they would NEVER see the light of day ever again. I pity their 2 children to have to suffer the parents they have. NEVER has America been subjected to this kind of behavior from our 1st family. Americans are generally acceptable to most anything, BUT we need to get this snake (and no he can’t be called a man because he isn’t one) and his “wife” (if you can call her that) out of the highest office this Great Country of ours has to offer. obama has done nothing but put a BAD NAME to an office Americans have been proud of in the past but now has a bad taste to it.
      I will not stand at attention when he comes anywhere near where I am at. I have THAT much distain for him and his so-called wife. I pity his 2 children for having to suffer the disgrace that their parents have showed America.
      The sooner the two of them (obama & his socalled wife) LEAVE AMERICA the better AMERICA & its people will be.
      Even Clinton and Nixon were better than this jerk in the HIGHEST OFFICE AMERICA has to OFFER.

    • Well I agree with the impeachment simply based on comparison to having a job. If anyone at any job can not perform to what they are expected to do by the owners (THE PEOPLE OF THE U.S.) would fire or removed that person from that job.
      Times have changed to where the people of this great nation no longer has a voice and that is what can turn this into a country runned on a strong communist belief. That belief being that the country is to be runned the way the president say’s or else. With that being said if anyone who has a job where you feel your opinions always fall to the waisteside and you lost all your creative beliefs you are now in a job that you can’t stand. If I was paid what the president gets paid plus the perks I would clean rat shit and I hate cleaning, I hate shit and I definately dispise RATS.
      We all wanted change but you will never see change as long as the people in government choose not to let that happen. You need to change that be changing the people there and the way they think.


    • I agree. Nixon resigned because he had some self respect. Obama would never think of resigning because he’s too into himself he thinks he’s done nothing wrong, and quite frankly he’s an idiot. But why should he they have let him stay in when they could have impeached him. I just don’t understand unless they fear the vice president would be worse which is the only reason they haven’t.

    • The Obama’s have aligned themselves with a Left of center agenda for America. Barack, is the talking piece for the “Blue-Print” prepared by David Axelrod for a Social-Welfare diet for the populace. Barack’s Autocratic posture has isolated him from compromise on his most significant piece of legislation ACA. The entire mission of Obama & his crew is the Re-Distribution of Wealth & restructuring the existing order. This is just my take on this edition of America’s President !

    • Nice. He’s the “racist” so lets lynch him. I guess that’s what you get when your news comes from a hack that works for Wing Nut Daily

    • as long as we have a lock on congress by one party that has shown the same characteristics as the president We can only spread our feelings and implore our friends to VOTE their convictions. The only recourse we have is for out three tier government to function as our representatives ( doing as we say do) act accordingly.

    • When a writer starts off by saying he hates the Obamas then you can be sure that what ever he writes is going to be trash. He says Obama disrespects the office but yet he is doing the same thing. This is the first president to ever get boo’ed by a Congress person while giving a state of the union address. The GOP and this writer both show total disrespect for the office of the president. It doesn’t matter what the person may have done he is the president and that alone needs to be respected. This writer goes on to tell about a lot of negative things about Obama but yet he doesn’t give a bit of proof.

    • He can be impeached, but there is not enough support in the Senate to have them removed from office. Maybe in the 2014 mid-terms…

    • Obama is still in office because he bought his presidency through subsidies, freebies, government paid programs, lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, intimidation, dictatorship, brainwashing, political appointments, executive orders, unions, political action committees, promises to foreign dignitaries, no identification needed to vote, voters who were not legally allowed to vote, illegal immigrants voting, and on and on, not to mention his continual “hate the race” and “anger the people” campaigns. Most proof is hidden from view but is self-evident. Take off the blinders and seek the truth. It is right in front of your face. He controls even the media, and transparency in this government is non-existent. His chosen elite either come to his kingdom or they will be cast out. Hitler was respected too. This man deserves no respect, He does not respect the United States, the American citizen and he does not accept American freedom and values.

    • Mychal Massie is correct. The Obama’s are Leninists. This man actually believes that he has been ordained as a member of the elite ruling party to over see the working class. Purely a communist manifesto like attitude. It seems the media as well as the Democratic party ( the party of my parents and family ) has fallen in lockstep with this doctrine. It’s a simple premise. Give the masses what they want. This secures their support and makes it very hard for them to stop supporting as you control their very existence. You supply their wants and needs. This isn’t new. The inner cities in this very country have been an early experiment for this doctrine. Limit their education, give them sustenance, funding, pay for illegitimacy, supply their housing and they will never leave you. They can’t. They have no skills nor need for them. We are getting there quickly. We have dumbed down our education system to such an extent that even GE and Exxon has to go to Russia to enlist qualified engineers and techs. Now we enter into a new era of common corp. Further limiting and curtailing the need to verify information but instead to commit to memory what is dictated as verbatim! We are at a point that our young women seem only to care where their contraceptives come from rather than if employment opportunities are available. It is amazing to me that with all the evidence, lack of vetting and conflicting details pertaining to this man and his wife, we still voted him in as president. The media vetted a vice presidential candidate rigorously while ignoring the man who would be king. Everyone knew. Everyone was aware. Yet we allowed this to happen. I have relatives who were in Germany before the 2nd world war. They too knew, They too were aware, yet they too followed one of the most notorious human beings to ever lead a nation. I AM NOT A RACIST! I registered with the Republican Party for just that reason. I remember the Democrats blocking school doors to prevent black children from entering. I remembered Kennedy pushing back against “the equal rights amendment” and only sending in the National Guard when his own poll numbers reflected his lack of compassion. I AM NOT A RACIST however, I can honestly say I do hate this president and his wife. I hate them because they use color to propagate his agenda. Color that had no affect on his up bringing. Color that alluded him his whole life. Some say he is just ill informed. Some say he is stupid. On the contrary. He is conniving, analytical, deceiving communist with an agenda. Fortunately for us this is reversible. Lucky for us he is incompetent. He has never achieved anything on his own and because he promoted his handlers, bundlers and supporters who also are incompetent this will pass. We have a representative Republic which affords the ability to remove this man. To vote out those who allowed him to succeed. This may mean those you support both Republican and Democrat. The question is. Is your freedom more important than your politics? I know now I will not vote for anyone who followed this man’s doctrine and that includes Republicans who were so concerned with political correctness that they soft pedaled his agenda. THIS WILL PASS…..providing you do your duty.

    • I totally agree. Obama should be impeached period……… They are teaching our children what racism is. America has came to far on this subject, for Obama to undo what it took years to over come.

    • We cannot and will not impeach Obama because he is our first black president and no one would let that go down in history. It’s as simple as that. I am not a racist either. It’s just the fact, Jack!

    • I’m curious: where in this article (or anywhere else for that matter) is the evidence that makes it “obvious,” as you say, that Obama hates our country? Because, quite frankly, baseless claims of your pure hatred for the man isn’t evidence. It’s you spewing bullshit.

    • He is still in our White House because a very uninformed and black electorate put him there a second time after he failed miserably the first term. And sadly, if the election were held again today and he was eligible, he would win re-election again via the same people.

    • Why Is everyone arguing about the facts of impeachment and who was and who was not? This is what is preyed upon by our illustrious upper echelon. Stop wasting time arguing and get off your butts and do something about it. It takes people together in numbers. Join together instead of bickering about the situation and more importantly the past. Lets focus on now and our future together. My biggest question is why did it take beyond the first presidency term for people to start to get it. I am guessing the answer is pure complacency. We are in big trouble

    • I ask that same question every day , why , why , why, is he still in office . President Nixon was hounded daily to resign , this man has done more damage to our country than anyone else and yet he is given a pass . Why

    • Obama is still in your White House because it is so obvious there are very powerful forces backing him and what he does. He is really the peon that is being used to introduce not only the American people but the rest of the world what life is going to be like under the Antichrist rule.

    • The reason he is still in office is… politics. The Democrat led Senate cares more about their party getting a ‘Black Eye’ than they do for Right, Justice, the American people and America the country. For right now, there is no way an Impeachment proceeding would pass the Senate with a 2/3 required yes vote. The vote would more than likely go directly along party lines. Several groups have submitted Impeachment requests, but until the Democrats put this Republic ahead of their personal agendas, it won’t happen. The only way to get this to a receptive Senate is through pressuring incumbents with a Grassroots letter writing campaign, alliance with more powerful pacts and at the voting booth. And even if it all came together, Racism would be the call to arms. Because Racism is a shield that people can hold up and never have to defend why they wield it.

    • He’s still in office due to carefully planned strategies. He put Holder in so he won’t prosecute him then put all the liberal judges in for kickers. Nobody will dare prosecute him!

    • Hang him, Really, You sound like a little biggity to Me! By the way who paid the black guy, a ghost writer, o yeah. Let’s see the history of this black guys family history” food stamps and welfare all over him.” yeah, just like the Obama’s , Give a brother a little power and they forget where they came from. So many blacks wanted piece between all colors. It’s seems they turned white, they went after their own financial agenda’s.
      White men do not care about politics and getting it right. They want to make sure their genes stay on top in decades to come. So keep giving the brothers power as their children are not prepared for the reality, they thought long and hard before blacks finally put a plan together. Blacks are picking cash from the bottom of the barrel of the change left over from billionaires wealthy whites. From the Federal Reserves, to the Banks controlled by the Fed’s, it’s a joke how they fluctuate our pocket change life. Black men, white and black woman have arrived too late.
      Sorry, to be so negative, but face it, one hurricane, a few lost wages, guess what, Your on the street. I have to admit their are some whites that was left behind, but to the elite whites, they are casualties of the wealthy wars!

      • if we didn’t have Henry Ford and the assembly line- Cars might not be doing what they are for us today……if we didn’t have Steve Jobs and his mind we’d be disconnected…..if we didn’t have Rockefeller and his oil pricing we’d be without WHALES …….So before you criticize and generalize “white men” take a deep breath and realize that your racist take on all this is diminishing your potential….I am tired of the victim hood. Kiss the earth of your ancestors, as I do that they got this great country……cuz the alternative is pretty crappy.

    • Wow. Elite Leninists. That’s quite something that I didn’t know. Glad I read this.

      I agree with Jamie Fuller, above. Where is there ANY evidence of any of the crap in this article? It’s all venom based on personal opinion. “Michele wears shorts on AF1, therefore they are showing disrespect and hatred for the office and America… ” what nonsense!

    • I’m not a reporter but I’m white. Sarah Palin is an idiot. McCain chose her so he’s an idiot too, not to mention an old man with health problems and a bad temper. So count your blessings you got Obama instead.

    • Pete Patterson
      9 minutes ago · Edited ·


      This article speaks a plethora of reasons for America to stand up and take action NOW! This reporter is a credit to all of America, being articulate and courageous in his description of the Obamas and their reign as the Dictators of “New America”. “We The People” want the “Old America” back…NOW!

      When will America and Her citizens stand up and REMOVE this SCURGE from the White House along with his minions and Czars? Will we just sit idly by and wait until the next election? By waiting we could be signing the death certificate of our freedoms and America as we knew Her and paving the way for a permanent term of Dictatorship by Obama or someone worse. He has his agenda and is currently perpetrating it upon the American People as we sit in fear, being apparently paralyzed by such fear that nothing is being done. I hear and see so many talking about this, yet see fragmented parts not knit together for strength. Tyranny sits in the White House, yet We The People only speak empty words devoid of power and action, fragmented into many parts wielding no power of action. Yes, I said it twice in one sentence in two different ways to perk up the ears of those who have ears to hear…let them, “WE THE PEOPLE”, hear! So; what will “We The People” do? Will we, the Paul Ryan’s, Col. West, Mike Huckabee’s, Rand Paul’s, The Alliance Defending Freedom, FreedomWorks, NRA, and so many more along with every citizen who sees this cancerous scourge being forced upon the American People stand up and take back our Country? Demand this Dictator be removed, he and his family, Czars, minions and appointees immediately, through course of action set in place by our Founding Fathers. Demand our appointed Representatives do their jobs and for once fulfill the desires of the Moral Majority. Together we stand, divided we fall…This Country, even with the majority in agreement is still not working together to accomplish the needed goal at hand. Who will take the lead and bring us all together in one voice, in one action of righteous action to right this “Listing Ship”? I am no different than any of you. I will though take courage and speak what I believe to be the resolve to a very real problem in this country. I will not stand idly by with a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” mentality and only wish I had done something before it was too late. Some may see this as the “ramblings of a fool”; think as you will, I am just fed up watching this Country go to Hell in a hand basket and no one doing anything about it. I have children and grandchildren of whom I would like to see enjoy the freedoms those of us enjoyed, at our age. Remember them? They are disappearing at an alarming rate! In the animal world, they call that being an “Endangered Species”. Are “We The People”, becoming an “Endangered Species”? Let’s STOP, THINK and then ACT, before it is too late.

      Many of you obviously feel the oppression hanging like a thick cloud over this Nation based upon the posts I read and see on a daily basis. Those of you who do not; WAKE UP! Life is not just “kay sir rah sir rah, what will be will be”. No! Life is what we make or allow it to be! Those who do, do you have the courage to put into action what you speak, post, and believe? If so, pass this on, get it to everyone who has the courage and resolve to make a change and see this person removed from office. Get to your Elected Representatives and let them know they will not see another term unless Obama is removed…NOW! The individuals and Organizations listed above, UNITE! BE ONE VOICE! STOP BEING FRAGMENTED AS THOUGH YOU ARE A LONE WOLF LOOKING FOR THE NOTORIETY! Let this Nation become once again; “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All”. God Bless America!

      • I agree with you but what can we actually do that won’t land us in prison? The house could start impeachment proceedings and it would probably pass but the Senate must remove him from office and since it’s run by his cronies they will never do that so an Impeachment for Obama will be no difference that the one for Clinton. He still finished his term and wasn’t even hurt by it. We can’t file any charges on him cause the House and Senate actually have to do it. Tell me what we the people can actually do and I’m with ya. I want him out as much as anyone else does. The few good things he has done are null and void with the bad things he has done.

        • Carolyn, Good question! We must all not fear for life or incarceration, for that is what they use to keep us shackled to fear itself. For what we compromise to keep we shall surely lose. No; we must instead write, call and band together with each other in one accord our Elected Officials to let them know they will not be re elected to office if they do not REMOVE OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES NOW!. This is what they are betting will not happen. There are many out there like Col. Allen West, Rand Paul, NRA, and so many other persons and organizations with the power and means to stop this if they would all just join together and mass the rest of us who are the moral majority as one voice, one movement, one Nation. It sickens me to see our Country so divided and at arms. So many claim race, color and creed as a means for separation…WHY? We all bleed red! This is not a race issue except to those whose minds are limited to petty issues, are immature, uneducated, full of self hate and have nothing better to do than point the finger at someone else because of the color of their skin. “We look in a mirror dimly, then we see face to face”…This is the image I would like you to see in the quote aforementioned through a piece I wrote a couple of years ago, please forgive the length.


          April 18, 2011 at 6:09pm

          The transformation of oneself, must always start with the reconfiguration of ones thoughts and what one really believes in or thinks. This takes courage, as if climbing the highest mountain on earth; for there is nothing more high and mighty in our own eyes as individuals than ourselves…usually. Isn’t it true, that we judge others by what WE think, by our OWN good intentions, NOT by who WE really are.?.? We must decide to become completely transparent with ourselves and honest, brutally honest with who and what we really are. One might think as they read this; who does this guy think he is.?.? Well, at first, I am no different than anyone else when it comes to this topic. I, like so many others before me, have had to really do some real self re evaluations and examinations in my own life and continue to do so daily. Does this make me better than anyone else or perfect? Absolutely NOT! Instead, what I find and found was pure unadulterated YUK! Yep, that’s me. Yuk! Now comes the really tough part. I get to clean it up. My own messes. Wow, this really stinks, I mean really STINKS! That means I have to admit I am not perfect and soooooo much more! Just like you. Now what?

          Everyday, we as human beings, do things wrong. Sometimes by mistake, but others by choice. Come on, don’t lie to yourself. You are no different. WE all decide to do things that are wrong EVERYDAY and I might add NOT BY MISTAKE either, we KNOWINGLY do so. You ask where do we begin? We begin as stated before, by re evaluation and examination of who we really are and why we are that way. Now you might ask; what do we compare ourselves to or who do we use as a bench mark? One word, one person…JESUS!… that’s who! When we look into the express image of Jesus, who He is and what He stands for, we become truly and undeniably defined as to who we are, both currently and who we become as we deploy the power of His transforming word into our lives. We read in the scriptures that we are not to conform to this world, but rather we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2). Further we find that we are to be renewing our inward man day by day; (2Corinthians 4:16). How do we become renewed in our hearts and minds. First, we start by asking God to help us; to expose to us, ourselves personally and privately, what needs to change. Second, we begin to read and meditate on the word of God daily. To feed upon the truths that are before our eyes. When we do physical exercise and do it on a regular basis or routine, we being to develop muscle and change the way we look on the outside. Well, when we read the word of God and allow it to really get down on the inside of us, on a routine basis, we begin to change on the inside, our thinking and desires, our responses to others and our priorities. We in essence, begin to RE CONFIGURE OURSELVES and who we are, henceforth, we’ve been transformed into a new creature, a new creation. Let me ask you this. Have you ever gone on a diet or worked out for a period of time after having been out of shape and then seen someone you haven’t seen in awhile? What happens? That’s right, one of the first comments is; have you lost weight or been working out? You look great! Well let me tell you; the same thing happens when you spend time with God, and become transformed to His image. Your face radiates with His presents, your words and demeanor change, in fact everything about you has changed and people notice whether they say so or not. So let me encourage you today, to be TRANSFORMED into the express image of Jesus by renewing your heart and mind to His word. Be a spiritual Marine, and be all you can be in Christ Jesus our Lord. Be courageous, define who you are in Him today.

          Thank you for taking the time to read the above. Now, what to do. First we must stop the in fighting and desecration of this Country. Second, we must STAND IN ONE ACCORD! We must contact, as I stated before, those who have been elected and make it known without variance what we want. We must be a collective force, without fear or backing down. We must pray and repent. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, and I saw someone else post this as well; “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

          I am not trying to go “all religious” on anyone here, this is not about religion, it is though an important issue of faith and stoic resolve. These are in reality two opposing forces, religion and faith. Whole other topic…Not now.

          This Country is so polarized that it amazes me as to how we have not already rioted in the streets. As I read above, all the comments it saddens my heart. Some are very good; but so many are so angry and contemptuous, without any stated resolve. No wonder this man was able to get into office. Propaganda, misinformation, playing the race card, false promises, telling people what they wanted to hear, smooth speech, lies, manipulation of the facts, and on and on. How many of these comments above are made with extensive research…few I would say. Now is the time to put down the pride, the hostility the arrogance and reach for the resolve. We start as I stated above. If that does not work, we continue to look and band together until we find a resolve that does work. Now let us start at the beginning and band together!

          I never intended to give such a lengthy response. There is just so much that needs to be done and said…please forgive me.

      • PETE………excellent words………let us hope if we all pass this around maybe some sort of “movement” will occur and heaven forbid we name it anything similiar to the much bashed “Tea Party” name (unfairly)………We gotta do something !! Appreciate your thoughts. Let’s hope and pray this stirs people up.
        Hooray for you!

        • Hame, Thank you for your wonderful support! I am so glad someone has heard my heart. I have lived long enough to have seen such a stark and scary change in our Nations culture and core structure, that is scares me to death to think my children and grandchildren would never be able to so much as speak a free thought let alone live a life of freedom. My heart aches due to what we have become as a Nation. If we stand as a peoples of resolve, we can once again wrest back freedom from the bondage of tyranny. Here’s to you for your courage to stand in freedoms ring.

          • I’m with you! I was really getting frustrated with all the conversations belittling and arguing with each other. We know the problem, now let’s work on a solution. I love that you have taken a positive approach and seek unity in this cause. We the American people do need to get back our America. My ancestors came here seeking freedom and fought defending it. It is itme our representatives start representing us, the majority. They need to know we are here and will no longer tolerate them ignoring us. Thank you for thinking forward, for encouraging us to unify ourselves, and for reminding us what it means to be an American.

          • Thank you Patsy. Like you, it amazes me how others can feed like a frenzy upon the garbage that is fed to them, use it for their sustenance and strength of position. I do not know why people can not stop attacking each other these days especially when they should realize this is exactly what our government wants…it weakens us as a people, it weakens us as a Nation. We are now a Nation divided. It takes courage to stop bickering and work instead for a resolve to the problems. It takes strength of character and moral fiber along with stoicism and patience to take the high road to a resolve rather than the road of destruction and debasement so many have chosen.

            Yes; we need to once again become a Nation of leaders with one goal in mind at the present…To Restore America! Restore Her to Her core foundation, which is Her strength, was Her strength by become united once again.

          • Patsy, Peter and Others who agree with being POSITIVE rather than belittling each other so we can MOVE Forward….WHAT are we to do next? How do we get the message out that WE the Citizens of this Great Nation are NOT Happy with Obama, Congress, etc? I know-write to your congressmen except MORE needs to be done but how?? Looking to start a dialogue and unite but guess this Post isn’t necessarily the way to do that? Input appreciated.

          • Hame, I believe the best thing to do, as I have had several others ask the same question, is gather as many individuals as possible in short order with the same desire to “right the ship”, as it may be said. If we can gather several other individuals, we can then have a larger voice and be taken more seriously. As you stated earlier, we don’t need another “TEA PARTY” image. What we need are real results. l just obtained a separate e-mail address that I will post in order to organize. We will then have a platform in which to speak and develop ideas. I already have some, but will discuss through the e-mail that I post. FixAmerica1@yahoo.com. Feel free to email me at this address and we can discuss and create positive ideas. NO BASHING, NO CONTEMPTUOUS ATTITUDES, RACIST REMARKS, ETC. WILL BE TOLERATED! Remember, together we stand, divided we fall. With a bent for constructive resolve and attitudes, it is my belief that one man can change the world.

    • Nixon was not bad at all. He made the mistake of covering up a very wrong act by people of his party but overall he was an excellent president. He loved his country and never looked down on other people. You need to learn more about the man, not just Watergate.

    • I’m with you Don. Impeachment is way past due. His Marxist agenda is making me very sick. This proud vet in North Carolina says God Bless America.

    • In other words president Obama is calling all of us American citizens “Stupid, Weak Ass Pussies” and we won’t do a thing about his bussiness!

    • I dare Obummer ,to take credit ,for the killing of bin L..It happen on his watch ,well better yet on his sleep. It has been a know fact ,when President Bush was in office ,it was get him dead or alive..Obummer care’s nothing about anything.except his lagacy. This is why he choose ,to allow american’s to suffer due to his Obamacare.My nephew was killed in the Pentegon on 9/11 ,i dare this coward to take credit for bin’s killing..It was our navy seals..He is the reason i stand beside my fellow american’s on ‘OVERPASSES FOR THE IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA “. We are nation wide ,even in dc. He know’s about us and that’s fine with me. I wil not sit back and watch him run our great nation into the ground and us the legal citizen’s with it. He has broken so many law’s of or constitution and yet ,he still in office. Not untill all american’s come together as one ,and rally ,for his impeachment ,it will not happen…Mr. allen west ,a former congresman ,tells it like it is..I don’t care it you are a demo or a rep ,whether you are white or black. This has nothing to do what is happening in our great country. He is destorying our country and no one is doing anything about it..Mr West has served Congress with the article of our constitutional law’s he has broken and is demanding his impeachment..For me i will continue to stand on or overpasses ,holding old glory and my signs for his impeachemnt.we are not just a few we are thousand’s…what to really feel good and like yo know ,what you are doing is helping remove him from offfice..we are …overpasses.org..It free and we are a non voilence..come and stand with ,your other fellow american’s on the same date’s ,nation wide. He’s a lier he coverup s’ ,because he can and he know ‘s it..i know one thing ,i want him and this poor of and excuse of a first lady out of our house..She dresses like ,these women who play and use our system by having baibies they cannot affort only for the government to support them..that is who she remind’s me of..This women has no class or manner’s..who in the hell hugs the queen of england..wow….they are trasty people bottom line….

      • They are still in the White House because there won’t be enough votes in the senate to oust them. Even if the house impeaches him the senate will never remove him from office. No one wants to be the one that boots the first black president for fear of being called a racist. My feelings for him are based on his policies and his lies and have nothing what so ever to do with his color. My opinion is also that not getting rid of him b/c of his skin color is more racists than if they impeached him.

        • You are 100% correct on this. The only way to get rid of him is, if he resigns. The AG won’t press treason charges as they are goombas!!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is going anywhere. And he knows it.

      Remember the riots when the cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted? Remember the almost riots when it looked like O.J. might be convicted of murdering his wife and friend?
      Now imagine what would happen if the GOP(thought of as being made up of mainly white guys) would move to impeach Obama.

      We are a divided nation.

      And that division is incited and escalated by the Obama’s and the democrats/progressives for the very reason stated in the first sentence.

    • The GOP only needs to worry about the truth and let anyone who makes accusation of any other reason for impeaching this person their problem, and not one the nation as a whole must continue to suffer under. He is not untouchable because he is half black…hell, kick the white half out of the white house if it makes you feel better GOP! Just do it before things get any worse than they already are.

      • As long as the dems control the senate they will not remove him from office even if the house impeaches him. We can do nothing until the repubs get control of house and senate and as long as folks like Oprah say we hate him b/c he is black I doubt anyone will do anything against him. That’s so sad to me. doesn’t matter his color he’s ruining this country and we need to get something done before we become a muslim nation instead of a Christian nation.

    • How quickly we are distracted.. this thread went from What’s wrong with O’bama to Clinton impeachment in A paragraph how can we be expected to concentrate on anything long enough to accomplish it LOL :)

    • In my humble opinion the answer to your question as to why no one of any Party or position has taken action to dislodge Obama from Office is obvious. Those masters behind to scene that actually control the Government, those not elected leaders of America, do not want this distraction removed from office. I have come to the conclusion long, long ago that Representatives, Senators, and Presidents do as they are told. The only real question is, “Who are the Task Masters?”

  2. What I find amazing is the folks who attack the author do not get that:

    1. This is an OPINION piece, and many seen as Left-leaning or Democrat have done the SAME THING to Bush and other Republicans. You have to allow both sides of strong debate or none at all.

    2. This author is black, just like Obama (and maybe more so given that Obama is actually bi-racial: father black, mother white).

    I think if people actually took out the race card and looked at the facts – Obama is definitely acting like the antithesis of what he espouses we should do. If you pay attention to the details instead of him being black, you’d see he’s no better than Bush was based on your attacks.

    (Disclaimer – I did not support Bush or most of the previous presidents after Reagan. I also am too young to remember Jimmy Carter’s presidency, but was alive when he was president. I call it as I see it).

    • Opinion?? If the truth is considered opinion.
      In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act.
      Bush did not purposefully divide the country at every turn. Race, income, gender, religion, etc. Bush did not tell anyone to make it as difficult as possible on the people as was told to the park service rangers during the shutdown. A good leader would try to unite the country or at least not divide it. A good leader would try to make things easier for the people not harder. Obama makes Bush and Nixon look like saints.

      • Well said Mel. Bush didn’t divide this country? What!!!??? This country isn’t going to get better until people stop being blind to their politics! Bush was a god awful president who made me feel more divided than ever from my country and completely unsafe as a citizen! Obama is slimy and shady and I can’t even begin to try to figure out his agenda. The fact is that most politicians in both parties are at fault for what is happening in our government, and we the people should not just blindly vote or follow someone just because we associate with the same party. The fact that you really believe Bush was great after our country almost fell to ruins at the end of his presidency is a HUGE reason why we have problems here.

        • GET out of our country you have failed at everything, not only have you lied and showed the world that you are DUMB STUPID AND IGNORANT. you are a big crock off b— S—–, and so is that big f— lip and f– a— wife of yours that should a had BRACES a long time ago but had no money to get them until your disrespectful family stole and has drained our country for everything. her going on big vacations your family living on the U.S. OF AMERICA, and you doing nothing but LYING TO THE MEDIA AND PAYING THE POPAROXEY’S OFF JUST SO THEY TRY AND MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU KNOW WAT YOUR DOING. YOU NEVER LOOK IN TO AN AUDIENCE WHEN YOUR GIVING A LIE I MEAN SPECH. YOU READ EVERYTHING YOU SAY BECAUSE WHEN EVERY WORD OUT OF SONEONES MOUTH IS A LIE. THEY HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN’T REMEMBER LIES SO THEY HAVE TO READ IT WORD FOR WORD U DON’T FORGET WHEN YOUR SPEAKING THE TRUTH BUT YOU DO WHEN YOUR TELLING LIES.. so step down and move on. that would be the best for you and your family at this point.. HOW do you sleep at night. you have forgot one thing. THIS IS GODS KINGDOM NOT YOURS. YOU WILL BE IMPEACHED….

          • Jesus just asked me to tell you that he doesn’t think you quite get his whole “judge not” instructions. Also said you won’t be needing a whole lot of winter clothing where you’re going.

          • Oh please, get real. Nothing in your long novel of a comment was worth my time to read. I mean, come ON. Did you really just attack the physical appearances of our President and First Lady? You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you try to say you want better for our country when you’re one of the shallow, ignorant people making it worse through air-headed comments meant to derail logical debate? And God really has nothing to do with this…this is the politics of man, which are intrinsically shady and poorly organized. Politics are very flawed. God is an entity of perfection, organization, goodness, and virtue. This is not God’s Kingdom. We aren’t privileged enough for that, and you certainly weren’t privileged enough to be granted the grace of reason.

          • Dear Lunatic,
            Please don’t judge, its against your religion. Also, please don’t vote either it would require judging character and so forth.


  3. I am concerned for our country that such racist hatred could exist and be supported by so many. I have never heard of this “respected” journalist. He certainly did not earn my respect. His hateful rant was full of emotion, not fact. That plus his identification with Ronald Reagan tells me that, as someone noted earlier, the poor man would seem to hate his own racial identity – pure self-hatred. In addition to this bias and lack of fact, the man does not even know the definition of communist, Leninist or socialist I wonder at his level of education. To not like someone’s policies is one thing but this piece does not have the dignity of that. It is a rant to fuel those who hate the first family because of their race. .

    • From the sound of this comment, you do not follow what is going on with policy. Try getting your facts from some place other than a handful of biased news clips.

    • You obviously either didn’t read the whole article, or you simply don’t want to understand what the author stated. His article was NOT racist, nor does it fuel racism, whereas our “President” is guilty of BOTH!!

    • Well, you either didn’t read the whole article, or you simply do NOT want to understand what the author stated. His article is NOT racist, nor does it fuel hatred & racism, whereas our so-called “President” is GUILTY on all counts!!

      • Amen to the above statement and to the main essay. Only a back man could say it so well. I only have unmitigated contempt for the couple not even letting their name cross my lips, nor watching or listen to them!

          • If we’re going to refer to him by a name that defines what he is, I nominate “President Asshat.” I’m also willing to consider other suggestions. Anyone?

    • Two things I find interesting and this is because of who Mr. Obama studied in the firm he worked in after leaving “school” and where he met Mrs. Obama. And from who he personally acknowledged as his mentor, Marshal Davis, in childhood.

      “The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms….He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work.” Saul D. Alinsky, Of Means and Ends.

      “Every organization known to man, from government down, has had only one reason for being–that is, organization for power in order to put into practice or promote its common purpose.” Saul D. Alinsky, A Word about Words.

      Mr Obama views anything he can do; from destroying our Constitution and underpinning the basic meaning of our Declaration of Independence and subverting our Bill of Rights, to weakening our Judicial processes and undermining our Nation sovereignty as appropriate and expedient for his ends. He does have an agenda and it is not in the best interest for our Nation.

      We are a Constitutional Republic built on individuals accomplishments and protections of individuals. I have not seen him strive to protect our economy or sovereignty. So does he speak for two thirds of our Nation? Does he have two thirds of our States behind his goals? Are we as a Nation desiring to follow the goals of his Mentor Marshal Davis or Davis’ co-activist, Saul Alinsky?

      It is not wrong to have a dissenting opinion about how we can improve life in the USA. But it is wrong to seek that change by subverting the one document that is the anchor on which we base our whole governance. He shows himself as one who wishes a completely different form of governance. He has not shown himself a representative of form of governance.

      As a member of this “organization” that supports and promotes it’s common purpose, individual freedoms based on inalienable rights, I reject his goals and the goals of his mentors for this “organization” as counter to the needs of this Nation and seek any and all means to impeach him and his administration as treasonous upon our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our chosen governance. And ways and means do matter, They are the reasons we fought the War of Independence in the first place and it will be the reason for our renewed War against Tyranny now.

    • Walda; Perhaps you should come into the present to join the rest of us. Perhaps you should pay attention to what is going on today within Obama’s dysfunctional administration. Take an honest look at what is happening to our country, evaluate the facts what is going on during his presidency and the incredible volume of failures he so cowardly blames on everyone else. Look at how he is alienating people against each other, condoning and promoting racial tensions, and just who he is supporting (the very terrorist who want to see us destroyed). Look at how many constitutional laws breaking and how many rights he is denying the American people. And of course look at how many promises he made that he has completely broken, how many times he has lied to the public, and how many times he has blamed everyone else for it. Then ask yourself if these are the actions and policies of person let alone president that even likes or cares for the America and it’s constitutional laws as he swore and affirmed to obey, uphold, and protect for the American people. Ask yourself if this is the actions of man who goal is to better America or transform it into the vision of his own personal agenda(s) which is the opposite of what America is, stands for, or what the people want or will tolerate as they watch his agenda(s) unfolding. Now try and explain how this could not be true and how he could possibly be what is excepted and wanted by the American people of this country when only 38% of the American people approve of him, his policies. and visions for America. It is painfully obvious to me that you are you terribly uninformed, misguided, and naive as to what is actually going on in our country.

    • Seriously? Did you read this article? If you did, you are so blinded by liberal bitterness that you completely missed ALL the valid points made by the author.

    • I was impressed that this man thinks almost exactly what I do about Obama and his family. I am really sorry that he hasn’t done better because I was actually pleased that a black man could become our President. I am sorry not only for him, but most of all, for the people of the United States. Part of the problem is his youth and inexperience, but there are many other serious problems with his performance.

      • well i was wandering if anyone else feels like he is trying to bring the country down far enough to get us in position for a one world government or a one world money

    • Just on the facts alone, Obama should be tried and charged for war crimes, and attacking the Consistitution and Bill of Rights like they are a piece of notebook paper. I don’t care What damn color you are as long as you are honest, have morals, and Respect the Constitution to its full extent as it was written. The race card is gettting old. Have God #1 in your life, #2 Family, #3 Love and the rest will follow suit. Racism is ignorance and those who use the race card are

      • Everyone has something to say against Obama and yet with everything Bush did and his illegal laws that are against the Geneva Convention, etc. – permitting torture, etc. No one has charged him for war crimes? Any leader of any other country than the USA would have already been charged for war crimes that George W. Bush is guilty of and all of his lackies.

        I fail to see where Obama is trying to institute a Communist life into the USA. Did I miss something here? Even if you are pointing at “Obamacare” – the reason, if it does fail, will NOT be because it is socialistic in its creation, but quite the opposite.

        I commend Obama for stepping in when he did. To be the first African American President and having to clean up all the s**t that Bush left? We already knew there would be people who would not want him due to being an African American and that his father was not born in the US.

        Would they have treated a white man or woman the same, having to try to clean up Bush’s mess, plus continue his/her own agenda that he/she ran his/her platform on? Most likely – a man? No. A woman? Yes, perhaps she would be getting the same verbal lashing that Obama has got.

        • Rose: I suspect there are any number of things you “fail to see,” all of them having to do with the idiocy and incompetency of Obama. For the record, the mess you refer to began in 1977 with passage of the Community Reinvestment Act. It was exacerbated by BO when, as an activist attorney, he sued Citi Bank, forcing them and other banks to issue mortgages for people not qualified to borrow enough money to buy dinner at Burger King (he sued them for discrimination for not issuing ridiculous sums of money for homes the borrowers couldn’t hope to pay for; they mortgagees the, to no one’s surprise, promptly defaulted on loans they should never have been given). His hero, Saul Alinksky, could have written the script for that tragedy.

          Also, I do not give a tiny rat’s red ass that he’s black. I care very deeply that his is unfit to be POTUS, hostile to our closest allies, that he seems to despise the fundamental elements that make America the greatest nation on earth, that he seems to believe he knows better about, y’know, everything than the other nearly-314 million people in the US, and the fact that he’s a narcissistic, self-involved, rude, ignorant bully.

    • Your argument is illogical on its face. Just because a black man admired Reagan means he is self loathing? I guess the same logic applies to whites who support Obama. So, can only infer from your twisted logic that America should vote along racial lines? Walda, you are an idiot.

    • And Cleopatra was the Queen of Denial. Have you ever wondered how Hitler was able to go on for so long? It was just like this 50% of the country looked the other
      way and the media never reported the truth.

      • Well actually Lemmings never ran off cliffs. They were corralled and forced off a cliff by a team of Documentary maker for the 1958 documentary “White Wilderness”. and must we keep throwing Kool-Aid under the bus for something that happened once a long time ago. Because to be fair, those who refused to drink it were subsequently injected with it, so technically it wasn’t so much a matter of choosing to drink the Kool-Aid as much as it was not thinking to laying down next to someone and pretending you drank it before someone jabbed in the arm with a hypodermic needle full of the stuff

    • Honestly this was only posted because the journalist was black. Ok, he had a few good points, but I’ve read better. Mostly he just sounded like he was throwing a tantrum with big words. I have many issues with Obama’s policies and lies ect. But the journalist should have stuck with the facts instead. Praising Reagan than bashing Obama for lies is just silly. I’m an Army veteran who used to work with soldiers who were not awarded medals during combat during Regan administration because the they were secret military missions, where we supported later terrorists, and this was happening all over the place. And Regan’s administration lied their asses off. How quickly we forget.

    • The Author seems to act like Reagan was honest. Like way more honest than Obama or even Bush or Clinton..which is HILARIOUS…because the only time Reagan was honest in his presidency was near the end when he was losing his mind to Alzheimers and most likely couldn’t remember the whole Iran Contra affair and the likes.

      So if you truly think Obama should be impeached, then so should Bush Jr. (and I don’t think he should of), and Bush Sr for Iran Contra, and so should of Reagan. And no I don’t think any of them should of been impeached even though what they did was NOT okay, and kinda illegal. Now Clinton’s problem was he actually lied to federal prosecutors, more then just to the American People. So I’m generally okay with how it played out, and still okay it didn’t end up getting him out of office, only because I really didn’t want to see Al Gore as president, um ever.

      War Crimes? That would be Bush, cause he allowed torture to happen, let alone we went to a war under false pretense (which I don’t think he should be tried regardless). I generally think the presidents position is pretty sucky and often no matter what they do, they can’t win or fix stuff. I generally think as we freak out over every last thing that happens, the president learns real quick that we as a people cannot handle the truth, so they stop giving it to us. 9/11 should of cured us of that, but nope we are still doing the same thing, year after year.

      As for the Author, you lost my respect when you called him a communist. Spare me. He is not, nor is he a dictator, or socialist or any kind of insult you want to throw at him. He is not required to get your approval (as someone who odds are doesn’t care for the democratic party), but throwing targeted names at him, like communist is asinine and just shows how completely uneducated you are at what communism actually means.

      • I find it amazing how all on the left always make the “uneducated” comment when arguing against a right leaning argument. But in in the same breath complain about how those evil Republicans built large multinational corporations who then kept the poor Democrat down. Here is a little lesson for the left: a good professor challenges his students to prove his arguement wrong, a bad professor tells their students the way they should think. Most liberal universities are the latter. The sad thing is that conformity is now more important than critical thinking. Anne, very lame argument. Typical response of a left winger, anyone that disagrees with you, must be uneducated or racist. Fascinating!

    • Where have you been hiding these last years while this person has been destroying out country? Everything the man stated can be backed up with facts. How many good presidents have given so many executive orders because they can’t get what they want past Congress. Did you not hear his first state of the union message where he stated he needed more control over the supreme court? He doesn’t even understand the division of power in our government. He is moving us straight from a Republic where the people have a say in things to a socialist nation where he will be dictator of us all and we will not be allowed to disagree with him. He’s firing military leaders if they don’t agree with him on his plans to weaken our military. The way it is now and 3rd world country could come in and take us over. We don’t have enough military that is ready to stop anyone. His love of the Muslims is very apparent in his actions of sending money to the Muslim brotherhood and the very ones that crashed into out buildings on 9/11. He and his wife only care about this country to take us for what they can get which has been too much.His wealth has grown substantially since he took office. Most other presidents freeze their assets so as not to make profit on being president. He did not. He’s making a huge profit off of being president. Wake up and spit out the Kool-aid before it kills you.

      • He funded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with an extra $1.4 billion to improve veterans’ services. http://1.usa.gov/huhqfo

        He provided the troops with better body armor. http://bit.ly/hzSv2h

        Created the Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program for military personnel, in order to improve the quality of their medical care. http://1.usa.gov/f4yaxW

        He put an end to the Bush-era stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan beyond their enlistment date. (personal note: my son will be in harm’s way for six fewer months with Obama as president, so you know I love this one). http://nyti.ms/e2YQ7Q

        He supported and signed the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, which made more money available to enable better medical care for veterans. http://1.usa.gov/fN4ur1

        He ushered through the largest spending increase in 30 years for the Department of Veterans Affairs for improved medical facilities, and to assist states in acquiring or constructing state nursing homes and extended care facilities. http://1.usa.gov/gY8O3x

        He created the Green Vet Initiative, which provided special funding to the Labor Department to provide veterans with training in green jobs. http://bit.ly/epwUQY

        He oversaw a $4.6 billion expansion of the Veterans Administration budget to pay for more mental health professionals. http://bit.ly/gjzTxX


        He has repeatedly increased funding for student financial aid, and at the same time cut the banks completely out of the process. http://bit.ly/gYWd30 http://bit.ly/e9c7Dr http://bit.ly/eEzTNq

        Completely reformed the student loan program, to make it possible for students to refinance at a lower rate. http://nyti.ms/dMvHOt

        Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act , he invested heavily in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. http://1.usa.gov/gGRIAr This includes a major expansion of broadband availability in K-12 schools nationwide http://bit.ly/fNDcj3 , as well as an expansion in school construction. http://bit.ly/fYwNrV

        Also through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, he put $5 billion into early education, including Head Start. http://1.usa.gov/tzT2Rr

        Signed the Post-9/11 GI Bill, also known as GI Bill 2.0

        He oversaw expansion of the Pell Grants program, to expand opportunity for low-income students to go to college. http://bit.ly/hI6tXz

        He passed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which provided an extra $12.2 billion in funds. http://1.usa.gov/dQvtUe

        Greater Transparency and Better Government

        He signed an order banning gifts from lobbyists to anyone in the Executive Branch. http://bit.ly/fsBACN

        He signed an order banning anyone from working in an agency they had lobbied in previous years. He also put strict limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House. http://nyti.ms/gOrznV

        He held the first-ever first online town hall from the White House, and took questions from the public. http://bit.ly/gVNSgX

        The Obama White House became the first to stream every White House event, live. http://1.usa.gov/kAgOP5

        He established a central portal for Americans to find service opportunities. http://www.serve.gov

        He provided the first voluntary disclosure of the White House Visitors Log in history. http://1.usa.gov/hQ7ttV

        He crafted an Executive Order on Presidential Records, which restored the 30-day time frame for former presidents to review records, and eliminated the right for the vice president or family members of former presidents to do the reviews. This will provide the public with greater access to historic White House documents, and severely curtails the ability to use executive privilege to shield them. http://1.usa.gov/gUetLb

        He improved aspects of the Freedom of Information Act, and issued
        o Freedom of Information Act, and issued new guidelines to make FOIA more open and transparent in the processing of FOIA requests. http://1.usa.gov/gjrnp2

        National Safety and Security

        He’s restored federal agencies such as FEMA to the point that they have been able to manage a huge number of natural disasters successfully.http://bit.ly/h8Xj7z

        Authorized Navy SEALS to successfully secure the release of a US captain held by Somali pirates and increased patrols off the Somali coast. http://nyti.ms/efBO7B

        President Obama Announces Jobs Initiative for Post 9-11 Veterans
        Has challenged the private sector to hire or train 100,000 unemployed vets or their spouses by the end of 2013.
        Like • Reply • 5 • 3 hours ago via mobile

        Steve Tapia A LONG List Of President Obama’s Accomplishments (With Citations)

        AUTHOR: MILT SHOOK FEBRUARY 15, 2013 12:07 AM

        Republished with permission from PleaseCutTheCrap.typepad.com

        If you’re one of those folks who thinks President Obama is a “disappointment,” you haven’t been paying attention the last few years.

        • Anything he did to improve things for the Military he took away with the so called affordable care act. He hurt millions of families in this country with that. He has cut the military to the point that any 3rd world country that has a military could come in and take us over. Our troops aren’t ready to defend us, he fires any officers that disagree with him. He closed a bunch of stuff during the gvt shut down that didn’t need to be closed trying to make the repubs look bad when the entire thing could have been prevented if he and the dems would have just sat at the table and talked about it. But they were like children, it’s our way or no way. When the house decides where the money is spent not the senate. If he stays in the white house to the end of his term he will have this country totally ruined. We already look bad to the rest of the world but when they dump the dollar for the main currency in the world we will have no money either. He has the same idea about money as my cousin did when she was 5. She said mommy you have to have more money because you still have checks. Instead of keeping us within a budget he just keeps printing more money which is going to be worthless. We need someone that doesn’t want us to be paying everyone to sit at home and not even try to work. The bigger welfare gets the worse state our country is in. when the president ignores the Constitution and Bill of rights it makes no difference what else he does it ruins this country. He’s a shame and a disgrace to all of us.

          • The president does not pick what agencies stay open during a Govt shutdown… congress does. You clearly do not understand how the Govt works. The Govt is bloated and spends far more than it needs to because Congress funds that money, not the president.

        • THANK YOU Chloe!! This atrocious bit of rhetoric appears to be neither proofed nor backed with any kind of fact, and I appreciate your references that show how pure hate can blind people to the truth. However, people who think that Obama is the devil/communist/illegal/etc will never ever be swayed by logic, because to believe these things is first to believe in a lie you can’t let go of. What a ridiculous article.

    • Why is it that President Bush could (and still is) being criticized for his terms as President, but if President Obama is criticized, the critics are racist? No one has said he’s a rotten president BECAUSE he’s black – he’s a rotten president because of all of the things he’s done. I’m tired of this administration pulling the race card. They can’t refute the charges that are being made about him, so they cry “racist!” instead.

  4. I agree. Neither one , Michelle or Barrack care for the.people, only themselves and the people are suffering because.of.them. whether it is their skin color or just us citizens not wanting to fight the abuse of power, it is all of our faults that they can get away with their failed policies and failed leadership. It will take all of us decades to clean up Obama’s mess… that is Obama’s legacy… such a pity… the.worst leader that America has seen since Carter…

    • Is that in addition to the decades it will take to clean up Dubya’s mess? You know, the one that took a budget surplus and flipped it into over a trillion dollar deficit with all his gift tax cuts to all his super-wealthy friends and their war-profiteering corporations?? Or would it be the mess created thanks to deregulation of the banks so they could get “creative” with home mortgages and squeeze every last possible nickel out of them beyond their actual worth and nearly collapsing the entire global economy as a result? Or perhaps the thousands of dead and maimed young Americans whose sacrifices were for absolutely NOTHING thanks to his chumping the nation into war with Iraq?? Not to mention the HUNDREDS of thousands of Iraqis killed as a result.

      You mean THAT mess?? Lunatic.

  5. Obama’s a “Leninist” transforming the US into a “Communist state” ? Seriously? All the actions I’ve seen places Obama firmly as a moderate conservative whom happens to claim he’s a democrat. The author of this ignorant fact-less hate rant is what is wrong with America.

    • A “moderate conservative”?????? Pal, you have got to stop sniffing glue. It is causing you to blurt irrational and unsupported nonsense. You need help.

    • You hit it on the nose Edge, I have never seen such hate. People calling for the lynching of the President of the United States. Unbelievable !

    • Closer to a “blue dog” Dem, but your point is well made.

      The right-wing morons posting on this thread are completely clueless because they are “extreme” social conservatives who insanely perceive themselves as at the political “center” of the country.

  6. There is something deeply wrong with someone who can read this and still feel the need to defend these leftist scum. How can you, as an American, be so incomprehensibly supportive of such a vile, divisive, manipulative man?

    • “There is something deeply wrong with someone who can…defend these leftist scum.”

      Correct. They are either black racists or fellow leftist scum.

    • Yes. So “vile” that he pushed through health insurance reform that enables tens of MILLIONS of uninsured Americans access to health care where before they had none. So vile that folks with “pre-existing conditions” no longer have to fear being rejected by greedy health insurers, and others who ARE covered no longer have to fear being booted off their coverage for becoming “too sick.”

      So vile, that his first act as president was to sign equal pay for women legislation into law. He’s the devil incarnate, he is!


      • So it’s justified to cancel millions of insurance policies and make them get ones that cost an arm and a leg to let a handful of people get coverage that didn’t have it? Which part of the people do you help and which ones do you hurt to help those? It would have been much better to expand Medicaid to cover the working poor and leave everyone that had coverage alone. This is the problem with too big a government. They wipe out half the country to protect the other half so if you happen to be so unfortunate to have worked for you entire life and have a decent insurance policy at a decent price you have to lose that and get what he says you should have at a ridiculous rate per month and with an unreal out of pocket amount if it even has a final amount. He wants everyone to be dependent on the country so when he takes over as dictator there will be no one that can make it without the government and we will have to accept what he says period. Some where in this presidents terms we’ve lost our country to people that don’t care about everyone only a few. It’s sad.

        • I was about to respond with counterpoints to your points, and then I read “….so when he takes over as dictator…” and realized it would only fall on your deaf LUNATIC EARS. Come back later after you’ve received your much-needed therapy, and maybe we can try again.

          • Actually you were “about to respond until you realized you couldn’t argue his points.” Let’s steal from Peter (who has worked his whole life) to pay Paul (who hasn’t done anything) so that Paul can have health care- but who cares about Peter? You’re logic is nonexistent. I’m no opposed to healthcare for the poor and less fortunate- but they should expand the government aid already in place- not take away from those who worked for what they have. You’re an idiot. Honestly, you must just be a troll who likes to rile people up- because I just really didn’t know it was possible for someone to be so ignorant.

        • so you still want to pay higher premiums for people that go to the er or hospital go ahead-that is what the aca (or obamacare as it is not so known if you are a repug)is designed for so everone pays their fair share of premiums

      • And I would say legalizing the slaughter of our horses for human consumption-vile. Even after campaigning (promised) never to do that. He couldn’t have put the captive bolt into their head faster. Vile, lying and narcissistic.

    • I read that the author of the article was referring to Barak Obama’s FATHER as the Kenyan. The ‘suspected progeny’ was Obama himself. She was referring to the fact that the Kenyan father was allowed to come to this country. The article was not very clear in several places, but made several valid points.

    • LOL! Howard Stern……he could do his radio show from the WH. I’m afraid he is too smart to take the job though. Now Jesse Ventura….he would LOVE to be there….hahaha! He could put in a wrestling ring on the “east lawn”. :) thanks for the mental pictures!

    • I think you may be right, Jen H. The likes of the contemptible Howard Stern [et,al.] is what kind of leadership this bunch of hecklers will respect. Clearly there is not respect for the person nor the office, the United States President.

      I have no ear for people who are above respect. [HAVE.not portray RESPECT, Mr Massie – who somehow thinks these things are the same, or, thinks he knows what someone loves or does not love.]

  7. This is all about self-hate! The author looks in the mirror every day and hates what he sees – a black man. He was born several hundred years too late; he would have been a very good house n*gger for his master on some plantation in the South. He would easily have turned in any slave who dared to better themselves or think outside the box. I think he should see if he can become a double agent for the Clan. One thing for certain, he needs to have white America’s approval in order to define himself.

    • Instead of challenging the viability of his FACTS this dipshit opts for an ad hominem attack. And, this is the typical approach for morons on the left who are unable to challenge the argument.

      • Jake, I don’t know much about politics; but anyone with eyes & ears & can read, can see what kind of person our “chief” haha, is. This Alphonso appearently is blind, deaf & ignorant. The article that this author wrote is just the way it is. Alphonso is living in a paper doll world. I am just sorry that I waited till this late date to start to be interested in politics; because this all makes me worry about our Great Country.

      • Actual there were NO real facts in this piece, just a rant that started with the admission that he personally hates them, and the rest is simply labeling them and calling them liars while making statements that are clearly a matter of opinion and his interpretations. His own bio quotes, “A provocative, outside-the-box, visionary thinker, he has been called the “black male Ann Coulter” by liberals who condemn him and “George Will on steroids” by conservatives who love him.” Provocative he is and I’m sure that gets him an audience, doesn’t mean his rant has much to do with reality.

          • Obama isn’t a communist. And every time the ignorant fools in this country label someone a communist, or dictator or socialist, people living in true communist countries, or live under a dictator think we are bleeding mad (aka insane). They would trade us in a heart beat, and let us experience what it’s truly like to live under a dictator, to live under communist policies and police states.

            Instead of putting out the decisions, choices, ect that Obama has made that this person disagrees with, he just threw out a label that the Right loves to launch at people who they disagree with. It’s immature, asinine and pathetic.

            The man is generally a moderate democrat. There are a few things (like his abortion views) which are very very liberal. Neither of these means the man is a communist. Every president since Reagan has wanted to deal with our health insurance situation as it’s not only a huge discriminatory disaster but it’s drowning the nation in unnecessary debt. And I don’t just mean the democratic presidents have wanted to deal with it ALL OF THEM since Reagan have. Obama just had the luck of things getting so out of control that it has become more obvious to regular American’s how bad things are, had the right numbers to get something passed, and had the gumption to do it. Bush knew things needed to be fixed. His presidency led him in a different direction, BUT he knew that the medicare donut hole was a huge problem, so he was able to tackle that instead. Ironically that costs us more then what obamacare changes does..because that is just blanket paying for drugs without bringing money in to help pay for it. What Obama wanted to alter our health insurance system to, was modeling the Swiss plan, which is a hybrid of universal health care with private health insurance. But the republican party had a fit, so we basically instead got our super capitalistic driven insurance system (aka make everyone get insurance through an insurance company) instead. Pretty sure the communist states would never on earth let it play out as Obama did.

        • Thank you Gary and Anne. I can shut this page down knowing that at least there are few rational, realistic thinkers present, representing for the rest of us who are clearly outnumbered by the folks who believe the garbage this writer (I use the term loosely) spewed above.

    • Alphonso, I pity you; your hatred and ignorance define you, going far beyond your skin color and enslaving you to the lies of the left. You are a sad, pathetic human being. Your color has no baring on your humanity and yet, you allow it to mean more than the reality to the fact that the Obama’s time in office has so degenerated the black American culture, increasing unemployment to over 133%.

      How you can defend someone based on their skin color above his lies and manipulation is beyond me. Again, pathetic.

      • Seriously. I am White and agree with him. So what is your take on that> If the Republicans had become the party of No to everything the minute a black man stepped into the Oval office we wouldn’t have the problems we have now to this degree. Grow up and come up with solutions and stop blaming one man for everything wrong in this country..

  8. All I see is a black man jealous of a black president. An idiot too stupid to realize folks who don’t have his best interest at heart are using him. “See, a black guys says it.” Idiot.

    • Hey Stone Crazy, i say we let YOU pay for the Obama’s next five vacations all on your own. At over 11 MILLION each, it shouldn’t take you but several generations….

        • None of these lunatics realize they’re lunatics, Gary. Of course, that is the worst thing about lunacy.

      • He lived at a resort that was worth millions. He did not pay for a million dollar vacation. He has taken less vacation days than George W. Bush. Since when does the right care about how a president spends their vacation? If this was Bush, we wouldn’t hear a peep out of the right.

        • Most of Bush’ vacations were working vacations taken to his ranch in Crawford, where he hosted meetings and welcomed foreign dignitaries. Most of Obama’s have been to the golf course, Africa (Michelle) or Martha’s Vineyard. The Obama’s own a very large, lavish home in Chicago, so don’t give me that ‘poor man’ crap.

          However, it’s not a question of whether Obama’s better or worse than his predecessors. It’s a question of: Should our government be spending money on this sort of thing in this day and age?

        • you are incorrect, Bush went to his ranch for a good bit of his”vacations” He had an office there and it saved money for him to stay there if he had meetings on the west coast. Look up how much of your hard earned money went to Martha’s Vineyard, and just how much it cost to fly his dog on the helicopter(oh ya and his basketballs.) What does Bush have to do with this anyhow?

          • Bush’s traveling to his ranch sucked up a lot of government money. Also, he inflated the costs of traveling because he didn’t just travel to his ranch. Bush’s traveling to his ranch costs tax payers a whole lot more than Obama’s travel to Martha’s Vineyard.

        • Bush “vacationed” at his OWN HOME, or on some GOVERNMENT PROPERTY (like Camp David or a military base). So did his father, and Reagan and Carter, and Tricky Dick, and LBJ and JFK and Ike and Harry. (FDR probably did too but he was before my time.)

          Only Slick WIllie and the Kenyan Catastrophe have thought it was their right to make us pay for their vacations. They NEVER go/went back to their own homes. And you can be that they don’t/didn’t pay taxes on the imputed income from such public largess. They’re Royalty, aren’t they.

      • Just because you enjoy bending over for people who screw you over and over again does not mean I have to enjoy it too.

        • LOL! Haters LOVE Obama in the White House. Finally gives them an outlet for all that pent-up, unconscious racism.

          Get it all out now, folks! It will make it much easier down the road when you have to choke down the first WOMAN president, the first HISPANIC president, the first ASIAN president, and…. wait for it…. the first GAY PRESIDENT!!

          If Jebus don’t Rapture ‘em all up after that, then I don’t know what!!

        • Stone Crazy your ignorance is showing. Bush vacationing at his home in Crawford saved the tax payers $ because the Secrete Service only had to set the place up once with special equipment and they were working vacations to get out of DC.

          Every time BO or MO take a trip it costs the taxpayers Millions because o all the security detail that needs to be done ahead of time. At least 2-3 months prep. That is why most presidents used Camp David for vacations.

          The way the O’s use the tax payers money as a personal bank account is disrespectful to the American people.

          Stone Crazy, your chosen name might give inside to your stupidity.

          • What part of Bush not using the plane just for his trip to his ranch you not understand? He did not save the tax payers shit! You right-wing nuts just do not want to comprehend how the WHITE President fucked you over time and time again.

          • And your Black President has done what for you ? Sorry 1/2 black -1/2 white. It is not a racist issue with Obama, it is what he is doing to our country. If he weren’t such a race-baiter but more like MLK, Our country would be much better. Think about that !

    • and yes that’s exactly how I ended up here, a very conservative white friend from the deep south posted this on facebook exactly because it was a black man confirming their extreme right views. Very clearly made the point that it was a black man’s opinion – not a conservative tea party Republican writer and commentator – no this is what a black man thinks. So Stone Crazy is nailing it.

  9. Thank you sir for stating the obvious. I never believed they should have been voted in a second time. This was not due to color, race, or creed. I just didn’t like their agenda then and even less now. When you register to vote it is a very important thing to be able to make your vote count. You also have to declare if you want to register as Democrat, Republican, etc. I registered as democrat but my voting has never been based on who was running for that party. I used the common sense the good Lord gave me to base my vote on the individual not a party. I believed having a black president was one more step in the progress we were making as human beings but, when you see it’s not working the first time why repeat it a second time? I hope we are not looking at a third time. I love my GOD and Country and they are trying to replace them with themselves. Maybe this is the anti-christ the bible speaks of. Seems alot of predictions you read of is coming true. I pray GOD has mercy on us all, including the Obamas.

    • America would be a much saner place today were it not for the Council of Nicea voting to include Revelation in the bible. Turns a fairly positive religion into a mass of frightened lunatics.

      There’s no such thing as the “anti-christ,” nor Satan, demons, raptures, or any of the other backward myths you nut bags accept as “reality.” There probably IS a God, but, being lunatics, you’re incapable of imagining one INFINITELY more-evolved than your own petty selves, so instead you ascribe all of the lowest attributes of human beings onto your Supreme Being in order that you don’t have to endure daily, unbearable hits to your egos and self-esteem. Wake up, you flippin’ lunatics!

      • Well LUNATIC , i feel sorry for you because some day you will have to answer for everything you say about GOD and i pray that you WAKE UP before you get to meet SATAN in person. The anti-christ is a real person and you sound like you will be his biggest cheering section. Your ignorance will be your undoing. May GOD have mercy on your soul.

        • such a sad way to live. such a sad way to die. you, to pray, worship, to have faith all because you’re afraid not to.

  10. You racist haters are really really scary! May you burn in hell. The Obamas would be much more kind than to say that even as you spit on them with your hatred. But your hatred will eat you up. Why don’t you realize no other president has worked so hard for you?

    • you must be blind & hard of hearing what u got out of this is RACIST HATERS ! No other President has lied & funded the Muslim brotherhood & their past was a open book Obama & that women of his is a disgrace to AMERICAN’S & to our Flag ! I Quote Michelle Obama “all this over a flag”! Damn right! all of us in America should stand proud & salute our Flag & taking out prayer & the pledge of Allegiants out of schools for the American children, but it’s ok for the Muslin kids to pray & learn muslin teaching in our American school come on Lady open your eyes to what this man has been doing to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA don’t take that the wrong way he’s not doing anything good for us. your comment just shows that you are also a communist and racist ! well pack up & go live were u will be happy in a communist country because the USA isn’t the place for people like you or the Obamas who openly hate AMERICA.

      • Um Wow President Reagan sold arms TO IRAN. Do you realize how foolish you sound????

        Look I think us having to deal with nearly every country in the arab world sucks, and nothing we do is going to work out very well, on both sides of the coin, but spare me the outrage at Obama and the hyped up Muslim Brotherhood, until you face the facts that our beloved Reagan…freaking helped a Hezbollah ridden country who generally like holding our people hostage for kicks and giggles, with weapons never on earth should we of sent.

        And yes literally we handed over weapons to HEZBOLLAH. get a grip folks on your outrage.

    • no – no Virginia Rosenkrantz – This isn’t about racism now. This is about political philosophy. It’s only about what the author believes is the correct way for a country to govern itself. Please don’t confuse this with racial hatred. And please don’t condemn persons to burn in hell out of complete ignorance. Please please please – only condemn people to burning in hell when you have some idea of what you’re talking about.

    • Virginia must be a fool-aid drinker and likes the red berries. liberal idiot. and NO Virginia there is NO Santa Claus named barak Obama.

      • Yes Obama is Santa Claus to some people (free phones free health care ect) only problem is that the rest of us are paying the bill!

    • I really can’t see much he has worked for me. The ACA has put so many people I know, now earning less or without a job period. The company they worked for doesn’t have the resources to deal with the health insurance costs. My family is at risk of being replaced by “temporary” employees so the company won’t have to pay insurance on them. There are so many issues like those below that doesn’t involve working for me.

      Worked for me? I think not.

    • What has he done for this country? Was it using drone to bomb countries we are not at war with? Was it selling guns to the Mexican cartel ? Or maybe it was using the IRS as a weapon? Or was it funding the Muslim Brotherhood? Or maybe it was giving weapons ILLEGALLY to Syrian rebels? I know it was telling the marines to stand down when Our ambassador was being killed in Benghazi? Or maybe the fact he says he gets all his information on the news? I know It has to be tapping everyone’s phones, e-mails and all internet activity! OH wait, it has to be the utter failure of the not so affordable care act! or the fact he lied about all these things!

    • Virginia, Please take your blinders off and see what’s REALLY going on. If you work, he wants your money. If you don’t, he wants your vote. If you are a socialist, why are you in this country other than to “fundamentally change America”(AKA Communism) I’m going to use a common Demoncrat strategy. Victoria, you are Racist for not supporting people not of your race! LOL!!!

  11. Hmmm…a conservative talk show host dissing the President. There’s a surprise. What I will remember more vividly than any lie told by this President, are the thousands of troops both foreign and domestic that Bush sent to their deaths for what they later admitted was “inaccurate intelligence”. ….a lie. The Republican hypocrisy has no bounds. J.D. Salinger put it best…”All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” Morons.

    • Yet, let us not forget the border agents killed by guns given to the drug lords by an operation we now know as “FAST and FURIOUS” or the young couple who were on their honeymoon and the husband was killed by one of these guns too…
      Let us not forget, the GSA Las Vegas lavish conferences and their million dollar bonuses… (all at taxpayers expense)
      And don’t forget NSA illegally snooping without warrants on all of the legal citizens of this great nation while our southern border remains open to hundreds of thousands of trafficking every year… with half of the people being non mexican
      Let us not forget BENGHAZI.. and we know that this riot was planned by some faction of Islam extremism, yet who gave the order to stand down, why was our Ambassador not taken to some safe place out of the country and why have these perpetrators not been brought to justice… ? The lies that were told to us as well as the world by Susan Rice.. the administration and yet nothing has been done..
      The unwarranted scrutiny by the IRS of conservative groups who were filing for non profit status beginning after Pres.0 took office and yet liberal left (socialism) groups were given their non profit status right away.. information being given out that is private information.. that only came from the IRS..
      The list goes on and on… like even with the EPA ..using secret emails (Richard Windsor) so the liberal eco environmentalist aka eco terrorist to skirt FOICA giving out information on private landowners these groups have targeted.. by the EPA (which is also a tax payer funded agency) using a private email account for these groups, by not going through government agency and their application process for the far left groups versus the conservative groups being charged outrageous fees for the same information..
      The social security fraud, dead people still receiving benefits and guest workers here who have filled claims never have to show proof of their children in a foreign country but yet they can file for social security disability for them.. and have over 40 children with the same name???? just different initials…
      I know there are other incidents.. such as voter fraud.. every wonder why you have to show a drivers license to cash a check, buy cigarettes, alcohol, cold medicine but not to VOTE????
      People need to wake up… $17+ trillion dollars in debt, the anything but Affordable Care Act will it be the final nail in transforming this once great nation into a socialist government controlled, how high can you jump, nation?
      Just remember what they do to support you now to take care of you can all be easily taken away from you..
      If this current President was a republican and white.. he’d never get away with what has been taking place…
      This country needs to put our people back to work, we need to take care of our veterans, of our elderly.. rebuild our infrastructure, we use to have the highest standards of education…
      Limited government.. less taxes.. less regulation on businesses and private property owners.. We’re going to regulate this country out of jobs,, send the jobs to other countries.. coal, ammunition, car manufacturing, clothing.. food.. and you think they are going to care if they pollute… Yet buy doing this it will raise the taxes on our “folks” then demand they all buy health care…

      • The above need research for learning facts from fiction, or twisting of the facts.
        The Middle East problems with America are very old. From the first American Corporation that set foot in the Middle East. From the first murder of a Middle East country Head of State, to the invasions that took place. Invaded people will not welcome the invaders who bomb their countries, kill their civilians, attempt to bring changes to their culture and religion. Who pay pennies for their natural resources and labor. Need I go further as to why “they hate us”. 9/11/1973, our country invaded a South American country, (Chile) and murdered the elected president. A President elected by about 85 to 90% of the people. Only because he nationalized the copper mines. See, copper was being taken out of their country by an american company. The copper was a natural resource that belong to Chile not to foreign entities. So our government approved an invasion to Chile. In the way to the Palacio to kill the President, many college students were killed with our military tanks. Students not armed with anything, while attempting to have our troops from advancing to the Palacio to kill their President. The Palacio is the equivalent to our White House. Our government put in place Pinochet as President. A men that was accused of killing millions of Chilean people. Young college students, people that did not agree with his manner of governing, pregnant ladies who’s babies were given to friends of the government that could not have children themselves. The mothers were never seen again. Chile still actively involved in finding those children and using DNA to bring them back to their families. Finding skeleton and using DNA attempting to bring closure to the millions of families who had their family members disappeared. We the american people are the most generous, caring and loving people in the world. Yes this is my opinion based on knowing that when natural tragedies occur anywhere in the world, we are the first to arrive to help. Our firefighters with their search and rescue teams, our medical staff, both doctors and nurses, the red cross, all of this pay by the american tax payers. Our government mistakes, unfortunately are seen as “americans doing” I mean “We the People”. How can we call terrorist people who wants the freedom of their country, to keep the resources of their country, that do not want their country environment jeopardized with oil and gas pipes running from country to country in the Middle East and Asia to get to the ocean where American vessels await to take the oil and natural gas to America. That is the only reason why we are in Afghanistan. American companies now want to divert those oil and naturals gas pipes going North to Russia, to go South towards the ocean, where American ships await to bring it home. Not to give us a break in the price of gas, we have all experience the cost of gasoline.This took place way before President Obama and President Bush Jr. The Afghanistan situation began when our government used Bin Laden to get rid of the Russians out of Afghanistan in order that American oil companies could take the oil and natural gas that was going to Russia via the oil and natural gas pipes the Russians had put in place. Now look up in google John Maresca presentation to Congress I believe it was in 1998. It will come clear to you all if the loss of life of the members of our armed forces was NOT for our personal freedom and THE SECURITY of our country. Google John Maresca, you will find everything related to this individual, and read his presentation to Congress, you will learn something that will help you to understand politics in our great country. America is great because “We the People” are great. Do not get wrap up with any political party, non is perfect. However they are necessary for check and balances. We can not take the word of any political entity as gospel truth. There are good people in both party and there are corrupt individuals in both also. Be a good citizen and informed yourself, do not take another persons opinion and run with it. Remember is just an opinion based on their personal experience, likes and dislikes. Govern yourselves accordingly, I gave you my opinion, research it. I gave you my opinion and some information in a civil and respectful manner. Please afford me the same. PS: The entire writing is full of grammatical errors, English is not my primary language. I am a born american citizen, born in Puerto Rico a colony of the United States of America. I love both my countries as I was taught. We pledge allegiance to our American flag and we sang our Puerto Rican anthem, ending with a short non denominal prayer every day.
        All before we began our lesson in school. It made us feel good and ready to learn. Our parents never protested for having us say a prayer in school, I believe we were better individuals and citizens for it.

        • Can you give some kind of empirical proof that it was the United Stated that was behind the attack? Because the “hope” that some how the U.S. could of stopped the assault going on, is less than been able to be proven. In other words, no one thinks what played out was good, and that generally a different reaction should of happened. BUT half the country is hanging out in reality land that there was no guarantee we could fix the super crappy situation playing out, because there were a whole bunch of obstacles to get us into that area to stop what was going on, and none of them would happen with a snap of the fingers, and that our country leadership were playing with some horrible crappy cards of not knowing exactly what was going on. Hell for all we know, if we could of got men in there, they may of died as well…and then you would still blame the president. Life abroad as an ambassador can be messy, complicated and some lose their life..WHICH TOTALLY SUCKS, but how about the republican party start blaming the people who planned Benghazi and killed our citizens.

          You know we had a super crappy situation happen with 9/11 and the democratic side for the most part has tried to not blame Bush for a situation he could of never envisioned and the barriers that were in play that helped the situation unfold he had no real great means to fix or stop. For as much as we would love to prevent all terrorist activities, THAT IS NOT REALITY.

      • I know of 38 more who were killed. There were 22 members of SEAL TEAM 6 plus 16 others, including crew, in an attack allegedly orchestrated by the CIA and carried out by the Taliban in Afghanistan. This action is still being investigated, by the way, as is the Benghazi attack. And, while I lived in India (a US ally), the US Embassy in New Delhi had far more security than did the consulate in Benghazi. Libya, if you recall, is not a US ally, and is a hotbed of terrorist activity. Why was there so little security? Why the stand down? Why were we told it was a demonstration-turned-violent allegedly sparked by an alleged anti-Muslim video?

    • Oh please…President Bush sent our troops after the attack on 9-11…how quickly we forget!! He was praised for making that stand against terrorism and then a few years down the road when to many of our troops died for that cause Americans began to turn against him!! This president has continually lied to the American people over and over and still blames most of the problems that we are facing today with our economy on the administration before him….his second time around in office!! And yet so many people refuse to acknowledge that he is the one that has dropped to ball and allowing America to fell and continue to fall!!

      • There was absolutely no proof that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 Bush and Blair are responsible for lying to the American and British, and for all the ongoing consequences of that invasion!!

      • Look up the roll call on the votes to go into Iraq. If we weren’t dealing with so many bleeding heart people in this country we could have ended it within a week. Reagan would have made a freakin parking lot of the place and it would be a thing of the past now. Bush could have done the same thing and probably would have based on the first 48 hrs but then he had too many bleeding hearts to deal with.

    • And how many have service men and women have died in the last 5 yrs? more than when bush was in office. 1576 under Obama 575 under Bush as of June 26th 2013.

      • The statistic (575) is only Afghanistan. There were 4,909 U.S. Military casualties during Iraqi Freedom which started in 2003 under President Bush. There were others, but this should make the point. Typical right wing tactic!

  12. Blah Blah Blah…thank goodness to the haters that this is his last term. Then on to you all hating the next President and his Family!

  13. The writer may have made a few grammar mistakes, but other than that, the article is very well written, and on point.
    This is the worst American, or more to the point, Un-American President in our countries history.
    The only reason he has not been impeached is for fear of racial backlash….
    We are a very week country of slaves to our government now, thanks to the lack of people who want to speak out and tell the truth. They are afraid of offending everyone who may not agree with them. What ever happened to the first amendment? Freedom of speech has been all but erased thanks to the sheep who turn a deaf ear, and blind eye to what our government says, and does today.

    • Since you had to point out his grammatical errors, I find it necessary to point out your misspelling of the word “week.” In your sentence, it should be spelled “weak.” Is it really that important to find fault? Good grief.

      • I agree with people who are willing to condemn this administration’s ideology. They have no idea what facts are. They just want to destroy our country. They want to take our freedom of speech, religion, ect. We are living in a time of uncertainty. with President Obama’s ideology and The First Lady, Moochelle’s, are trying to be our nanny. I’m glad that this reporter wasn’t afraid in articulating the type of people these 2 are. I have to say that this country is very divided, and is more divided now by the class warfare that this president has created. He was supposed to be the most transparent president in history. Instead, he is turning out to be the worst ever. Worst than Jimmy Carter, who is a socialist.

      • Lynn, you seem to have missed the point again. I noticed the grammatical inaccuracies as well. However, the point was to understand the gist of the text. If you only wish to point out someones failings, then you and people like you are part of the problem.

    • It also would have read better if Mr. Palieri had said “…a few ‘grammatical’ mistakes” vice using “grammar”.

    • NO! It’s NOT well-written. But how would you ever know that when you don’t even know the difference between “week” and “weak”?

      You’re all lunatics jabbering to other lunatics about how the socialists in the white coats are destroying the asylum. Only true lunatics are 100% certain of their sanity and righteousness. You only THINK you are sane because you only listen to other lunatics. You have NO CLUE of how the rest of the nation, and the world at large, is perceiving you because you have convinced yourselves that 5.9 BILLION people on this planet are the actual “lunatics,” whereas you 75 million or so tea baggers are the only ones who’ve got it all figured out.

      The only reason you’re all not locked up is there’s just too many of you for that. Don’t let that convince you, however, that just because you’re still walking around freely that you are anything even resembling sane, rational people. You’re all psychotic, and it’s 100% because you had deeply buried racist feelings you’re still unaware of, and suddenly America elects its first black president, and your egos simply won’t allow you to admit you’re a horrible racist, so you conjure up pretty much ANY other reason you can imagine to hate the president rather than take a good hard look in the mirror and simply tell yourself, “I have issues with black people simply because they’re black.”

      Seek help soon.

      • I like how your only response to anyone’s presentation of facts is automatically “RACIST! RACIST IGNORANT SOUTHERN REPUBLICAN!” It’s people like you that are keeping racism alive. Refusing to believe that a white person (or any person of another race) can dislike someone based on something other than the color of their skin. I think that proves that it is YOU that are in fact racist as “the accuser is often the offender.” What does the color of someone’s skin have to do with ANYTHING? Notice you don’t see these “racists” calling the Obama’s racial slurs. It’s you coming out of the wood works calling people racist because you can think of no other defense. It’s an ignorant argument and an effort to keep people from vocalizing their opinions for fear of being labeled a “racist.” You want so badly to shove your opinion down everyone’s throats and yet you refuse to consider for a moment that both sides may share some truths. When the first black president was elected this country took a leap forward. And when he started treating this Country like his kingdom we fell hundreds of years backwards. I hope one day we do have another black president- someone along the lines of MLK- so that they can remind this country what a true strong African American leader looks like. Furthermore, I just hope in the future we find a leader that loves this country and wants what is best for it, whether they are male or female, black, white, yellow, blue, green, pink, or gay or straight or WHATEVER. What matters most is a love for this country and it’s people. However, that most likely won’t happen because anyone who wants power shouldn’t be given it- and Obama is a prime example of that.

        • Jeanie all I can say is Amen to what you had to say. Amen!!!! I for one am tired of being called a racist when that is the total opposite of what I am and have been my entire life. My dad would have beat me to death if I ever spoke or acted like a racist. He raised us all much better than to do that. I want to be able to speak my lack of respect for our president because he has no business being in that office. He’s too power hungry and hates this country. That may or may not have something to do with the color of his skin but to me his skin has nothing to do with it. He’s not qualified to do this job and needs to be impeached and arrested for his treason. I do believe the color of his skin has something to do with the fact nothing has been done about the horrible things he has done or has allowed to happen on his watch. If he was white he would be in prison now.

      • It is not a race issue that most of us have with Mr. Obama. It is his content of character and lack of concern and compassion for the American people. He , his wife and his administration have set our to destroy America. Can anyone tell us even 1 good deed he has done for our country. Ever since he took the oath of office, he has spent more money than 10 previous Presidents combined. He has promoted terror throughout the world by supplying terrorist with our tax dollars and our weapons. He is trying to rule our country like a dictator would. He is a true Muslim and is trying to change our country into a Muslim Nation. He bypasses congress rulings on issues that they are suppose to have control over. I agree he will not be impeached and taken out of office. He has created a strong chance that we will have a civil revolution in our country very soon. And that revolution will be the only way to remove him as POTUS. He will call martial law in our country in order to do his take-over. There will be a lot of blood shed ,but we as the people of the United States are willing to fight for what or fore fathers fought for. You might want to read our Constitution of the United States… our country !!

        • If you still believe President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to spread Islamic law in the U.S., consider this:
          When you look carefully at many Islamic countries, you’ll see they tent to share these values:
          They’re anti-abortion
          They’re very supportive of the death penalty
          They oppose the separation of church and state
          They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.
          They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.
          If president Obama really wanted to spread Islamic law in America, he’d be a Republican.

  14. I love all the liberal fools making comments on here…. getting mad about what this guy wrote about their hero…. too stupid to read in between the lines of the Obama administration and see that this guy is absolutely right on point. Wake up you damn fools and stop trying to cover up for our Muslim racist president

    • Although I agree with what your saying here John , Name calling is what the Liberals do on a daily basis don’t lower your standards to the depths of the ones you speak of
      your message is correct but it will only provoke a fight instead of knowledge. they don’t get the message they only see the names. your zealousness is commendable.

    • The saddest part is Black America voted this guy into office to prove that all the years of struggle and repression were over .
      Obama’s mother was WHITE and he was raised by WHITE Bible Belt grandparents.His father was a student on a Visa and neither he nor his son had ever experienced or connected to the oppression of slavery. A more deserving man should have made history by being elected the first Black President!

      • Every black person in America could have voted for Obama and he wouldn’t have won unless white people would not have voted for him. He won because white people voted him into office. Of course the black vote helped but make no mistake, the white vote put hum into office.

        • Yup. And I’m one of ‘em, and damn proud of it, too!

          Barack Obama: Far from “perfect,” but STILL the smartest person in most any room. And WAY more evolved and patient with lunatics than I am, for sure.

      • Every black person alive (and ALL those buried 6 feet under) could have voted for President Obama and he STILL would NOT have won.

        • I do not argue with lunatics. That is like expecting to get anywhere riding a carousel. I am simply here to attempt to awaken you to your delusional state. Sincerely, you Obama haters truly need psychological counseling. Your collective view of him FAR exceeds normal partisan differences. You all have some major issues you’re not dealing with. Seek help soon.

          • I complement you. And then you slime me. But I am the lunatic; and you are almost certainly right about that, at least.

          • Simple. Those Obama haters are simply Racist Haters although we can expect them all to deny their “rqacism”! Larry M.

  15. Michal Massie is NOT a reporter much less a journalist. He’s just another conservative talk show host trying to make a name for himself and line his pockets by saying outrageous and inflammatory things. Go over the article paragraph by paragraph and point out one thing that isn’t merely his opinion. And you know what they say about opinions…

    • Richard my primary language is not English, however I noticed like you did that Michal Massie was writting about his opinion. He has all the right to express his opinion. I just wish people knew the difference. Yes my fellow americans, please go over “his summation” paragraph by paragraph. His ignorance in many subjects for a man who has a degree in journalism leaves a lot to be desired. He speak of ideologies he knows nothing about or he would not write with such inaccuracies when he accuses the Obamas of having Communist and Socialist ideologies, while at the same time calling them emperor and empress. Just read what he wrote about and get yourselves informed with the political situation in our country at all levels. Start with your municipality, county, state and then federal, do not let others opinions influence you. No one is perfect and NO President is to blame for the ills of America.
      This is a fact not an opinion, inform yourself and learn the truth. Thank you Richard Parker. By the way I voted for Hilary Clinton, and will vote for her if she runs again for President. I have the right to chose my candidate and I respect everyone else choice of candidate for President. Govern yourselves accordingly and reply if any of you must, with civility and respect as I did.

      • Dear Carmen, I hate to inform you that you are dead wrong! If you were born in Russia During the Communist era, and you are raised by Commie Parents with Communistic Ideologies you are probably going to grow up a Good little Commie. Let me inform you that Obama was raised by a Communist Family and even Obama Praises his Communist Mentor Frank Marshall for showing him the way. Obama is destroying the Country and Dividing it faster then anyone else has in the last two centuries. Now you say you Voted for Hilary. hmm Did you know that Hilary has been fired from any and every post she ever held? Did you know Hilary Had Foster Killed and raided his Office and stole all his paper work right after Bill was Elected?

  16. Still just one persons perspective -one persons opinion. Nothing more nothing less. Crap like this is really getting old and boring.

      • Just like the opinions about President Nixon, President Clinton, President Bush Jr. etc. (I do not remember the opinions on President Bush Sr., good bad or indifferent) I will research those later. Opinions based on personal likes or dislikes and disrespect on our Presidents, government officials and our country only causes more bad publicity to the USA. More bad publicity we do not need at this times, of our economical situation and times of war.
        Opinions based on political preference, is actually misinformation. It is very dangerous and created only to defame a person or group. The only way to correct the deep problems in our country is for the “People” to offer a united front, demand that government governs on behalf of “We the People, not Corporate America. The powers to be, knows how to keep us divided. United we conquer, divided we fail. We have been failing rapidly because we no longer use our knowledge nor do we inform ourselves in order to make our own opinions, based on our own research of the truth. A corroborated fact is the truth, an opinion is tainted with the likes and dislikes of the person expressing the opinion. Lets behave like responsible americans, no one is capable of knowing everything, however everyone is responsible with informing themselves with the facts before expressing or repeating an opinion that may harm another person. Do not forget our rights ends when our actions take away the rights of another. In the USA everyone have the right of the pursuit of happiness, and that includes to be free of harassment and defamation. Lets treat others as we wish to have other treat us. Lets respect our country and the President, all Presidents. who represent us in the world.

        • IT is refreshing to finally have someone thinking along the lines of the way i
          I’m Thinking Carmen. I feel that freedom Of Speech is a Good thing,but I also think It can be a Bad Thing when one abuse It. The country is going through some hard times and all the critics can talk about is the President and family being cast for the new show ‘The Fall Guy”!!!!I said It Once and I will say It again,” Respect The Office, even if you Don’t Respect the man. The Bible says ” Let the work I’ve done speak for me” I said this to say the population of African American in this country is 12-15% and
          all of them didn’t VOTE and even if they DID it still would have been enough to put the President into Office Two Terns. The American People have spoken and that tells me they wanted the president that we have.To the critics I say ” GET OVER AND MOVE ON. one last statement: Quit spending time on the President and Focus on the i Politicians who are responsible for the Financial failures of this country because of their Hate. Wake up America!!!

      • True. “Milions of Americans” do not like President Obama.

        However, MORE millions of Americans CHOSE through the democratic process to VOTE him into office fully twice now.

        Majority STILL rules in a democracy, you twit. And just because “millions” agree with you, you’re STILL in the minority, and therefore shut your piehole.

        Your. Side. LOST. Suck it up, already, quit throwing tantrums, and maybe next time put up a candidate who DOESN’T look like he could give two craps about the poor and middle class, or DOESN’T look like just another one of you lunatics in an expensive suit.

        You lunatics keep following the same FAILED strategy of running the most EXTREME ideological conservatives you can find, completely ignoring the FACT that independent swing voters will NEVER vote for extremists of either the left OR the right. This is why moderates like Clinton and Obama so easily kick your ass.

        But here I am again, attempting in vain to speak LOGIC to LUNATICS. Never mind. Please go back to flinging your poo onto the walls.

        • The majority of “Trick or Treaters” coming to my house on Halloween would vote for full-size (or larger!) candy bars. But for Halloween we are still smart enough to deny the moochers a vote.


      • Hey, I’M from California, and believe it or not, some of US didnt’ vote for him either! A stunt like that would make me want to flee my home state for good!

  17. Thank you very much for the truth on Obama and Michelle Obama’ hatred toward America. Hopefully all Americans and the lame stream will wake up one day to see the transformation of our country from a Republic to a communist/socialist regime..

  18. Every adult American should take the time to at least glance over The Constitution and Bill of Rights.Might be surprised at some of the things Americans are guaranteed or CANNOT BE INFRINGED..That much is owed to all who have sacrificed anything for this country…ever.

    • Paul I am glad you remind people to read again the constitution. We all studied it in middle school and high school. After reading it, I believe that we must create bipartisan groups in our communities and start requesting from the municipal government all the way to the federal government level to start representing the interest of “We the People” not the interest of Corporate America. It is Corporate America who took our jobs to foreign countries, it is Corporate America who has closed small and local business bringing Mega Stores that to add to their profits, do not offer benefits to the employees or when they do offer benefits they are attached to unfair rules to allow the corporation to take the benefits away. Mega companies that gives less than 20 hours a week to employees in order to call them casual labor, again not giving benefits to the employee. Another way to avoid paying unemployment taxes or employee compensation for injuries on the job, is to hire employees in six weeks intervals, giving them a pink slip and rehiring the same people in two weeks again. Often illegals are hired, they do not receive health care benefits, leaving the tax payers paying for medical services to illegals or legal immigrants. Services the tax payers themselves are denied because they do not qualified for. Our immigration laws do not need reform. They are very clear and where written to protect our citizens, our land and territories.
      One very good subject very detailed in our immigration laws, is the sponsorship of a legal immigrant. The immigrant must have enough money or a sponsor that signs an affidavit of support for the immigrant. The sponsor signs making himself or herself responsible to pay for everything the immigrant needs including medical services. This is still in our books, it is just blatantly not comply with by our own government. Now think about it, if this is a law to be follow in the procedure to allow a legal immigrant to enter our country, how is it that illegal immigrants are given services paid by the american tax payer that are programs rightfully to help american citizens. Illegal immigrants are not to receive any services paid by the american tax payer.
      It is very easy to keep americans involved in matters that do not serve to solve our problems. Miss information that keeps us busy from addressing the real problem in our country and who are those in fact creating problems. Who gains from illegal immigration? I do understand that the majority of people trying to enter our country do so because they find themselves with out hopes to find honest way to support their families. I do understand, however our country also have problems and we are overpopulated. We need jobs taken away to foreign countries only because of the greed of Corporate America, we have poverty, hunger, homelessness like in other countries. Our education is failing to the american children, too often our students quit school to work in menial jobs in order to help at home. They find themselves later on without an education and without a job. the vicious cycle continues to follow them. These are the thing we want our President to be involved with. Now the President is one person, there is a congress and house of representatives that need to be engaged in solving our problems. Our political Parties both Republicans and Democrats are are busy planting their feet in thin air in political fights instead of performing the job they were elected for. Why place all the responsibility or fault on a President, any President? President Obama or any President have to present their credentials before being accepted for candidacy to run for President. Please that subject of his place of birth is boring and an insults to our intelligence. Let work positively to solve our problems, do not let yourselves be used to keep our country divided in political dirty fights. Those really profiting from our problems are cleverly keeping us divided. They know united we conquer, divided we fail, and they run all the way to the bank while keeping us without jobs, taking away our homes, allowing illegal coming into the country to get cheap labor.

  19. This article is ridiculous. I do not care what color the writer is. This shows how easy it it is to sit back and write something that criticizes folks living in real time. Especially the President and his family. With out a doubt he asked for the opportunity and won it. Beyond that it has been a horse race to save our country from economic disaster and deal with the worlds problems on a 24 hour basis.. I wonder how nice the author’s couch is in LA?

    • Your words are ridiculous, it’s a shame that you care more for a person who has show no proof of his legality to be President, who no one knew nothing about, and make excuses for a job that he is not doing, other than lie like the writer expose, and attack in every sense the way of the American people, maybe you’re one of those that also live of entitlements, and hope to give more of them. Just remember, that if the gov. is powerful to to take from those that work to give to the lazy, and create divisions of class, it’s powerful as well to take from those that they give, when the time is right, to have everyone under gov. control.
      Remind me the same as Hugo Chavez, he has the people fool long enough, so he decide to tell the Venezuelan people, that was ok to take property they see with out owners, so what the people do? the people by their envy and their ego to steal what they didn’t create nor, work for, decide to attack foreigners, kidnap family members and kill their stock, the foreigners finally give up and left their properties, at that point the property was empty and the people took possesion of it. When the fools thought that everything was accordingly to what they wanted, Hugo Chavez, confiscate all this properties, with the excuse that you can’t take posesion of something that you steal, so the gov. took possesion of property that don’t belong to them.
      Here in the USA, it’s the same system, the government steal from the hard working American, to give to the lazy, at the same time destroy private business, so more people end up depending on government support, when the gov. get’s as many is need to take total control, that support is going to disappear as fact as show up, that will be the end of the middle class, that means that we will have only two classes, the rich and the poor, guess where you and I are going to be. Provably you guess right.
      This is not a person who is black or white, for the color shouldn’t matter, but a person who has live dictatorship the first 17 years of her life, and it’s see how with out doubt this Nation is taken the same path, do to the ignorance, the lazy and the pity, those who believe that they have rights for entitlements are dead wrong, the only thing we have rights for, is to create our own future, with out the sweats of others, but ours.
      We have a fraud in the people’s house, who go against the American people, and we have many fools that still believing that he’s great, when he has done nothing but blame everyone of his crimes, and accuse others of his own doing.
      This is about you and I and all of us as people, to stand up against this corruption from DC, because ultimately the price is going to be paid by us, and provably is going to be way to high.
      If you care for your freedoms, start paying attention, because your freedoms with this fraud in chief, are going out the window. I have see this before, it’s not a walk in the park, many will suffer, if people don’t wake up to this truths.
      The fact that you mention the color of the writer, show that you try to use racist, that sound very bias, because in this case, it’s not racist when one speak truth, truth have no color, it’s heavy on it’s on, if we care to find it and learn about it.
      God bless.

      • To avoid further problems in our country we need to pay attention to education. Without and education people can not get jobs with salaries that afford them to support their families. People, black, white, red, yellow, or olive need an education to be able to hold a job. Not everyone is college bound, therefore we need public vocational schools that teaches a trade to the High School student, that will afford them to have a good paying job or the capacity to start their own business. Government must do more to regulate technical schools not accredited that charge outrageous tuitions and get grant and scholarship moneys from the community and federal funds only to turn individuals that are unemployables. Government must established laws that will keep Corporate America from taking their factories abroad. Even customer service departments are taken to India, Dominican Republic, or any other foreign country. This makes it a problem when the person in the other side can’t barely communicate with the customer needing service.

        About President Chavez in Venezuela, this is a country in South American that have never been democratic. Must of all the Central and South American countries claim to be democratic, however their history tell otherwise.. Those countries are run by dictators and the ruling class. There is a chasm between the USA and those countries. Their governments are paid millions in briberies and our government do have a hand on who gets in power. Chavez was once approved by our government, oil made him and enemy of ours.This is a fact not my opinion. It is sad that “Freedom is not free” see the need to write hiding his or her own name, equally sad that he or she lived the first 17 years of his or her life under a dictatorship. No one deserves that. Please know that the USA will never fall under a different ideology from our Constitution. One thing is to have corruption at all levels of government in relations to contracts, developments that do not meet the requirements of master plans of the different jurisdictions, to compare that to the problems existing in foreign countries run by dictators.

      • Thank you Carmen. It disturbs me how people keep trying to say that those of who say Obama’s ideas are “communist” don’t know what we’re talking about.
        It’s interesting that you, who live under communism for the first 17 years of your life, (if I’m reading the statement correctly) understand communism when you see it.

        So I guess we aren’t so “uneducated” after all!!

      • It’s a shame how many people give special value to this article as non-racist because the black and must therefore just see things as they truly are. Such a naive and simplistic view of how we internalize racial identity and how envy in regards to the authority taken up by others can shape opinions and reactions.

        Here’s the thing for me: 1 percent of Americans have 36.5% of the total wealth in America. And I doubt that if reading this, that you’re in the 1 percent. The corporate-political complex that has become our government is most strongly supported by right-wing ideology (think citizen’s united and who benefits) and right-wing political action. You have corporate elites monopolizing wealth in this country in the most blatant and obvious ways and you point fingers at Obama for being elitist. Are you f–cking kidding me?!? We have major bank lobbies, just within the past 3 weeks, lobbying with big money and creating the language in new laws rolling back the main financial protections put in place following the 2008 wall street crash. This is stuff happening right under our noses perpetuated by republican coziness with big business (and democratic coziness with big business to a MUCH lesser extent) and then you complain about Obama who put people like Elizabeth Warren in charge to carry on a spirit of regulation and holding big money to account. Nothing in the critique of Obama above shows any interest in addressing the actual causes of the economic and class disparity which has become increasingly bad over the past 6 decades. All I read above was a personality critique and accusations that the president and his family are too uppity and entitled as the first family.

        • Elizabeth Warren is doing nothing to regulate anyone. She is a show dog. And Obama is helping that 1% as well. It’s a dog and pony show for us. Obama is working hard at it to give more of our money away to them. Don’t blast me – I voted for him 2x, but I wouldn’t do it again. The ACA is nothing close to socialism. It’s taking money from the middle class so they get poorer. And giving money over to the corporations – the medical machine, and insurance industry, via extortion.

    • You must be a brain dead godless Demoncrats not seeing his transformation of this country to a communist/socialist welfare nation. Get educated.

      • PLEASE, put your bible down for five minutes and go look up the definition of both “socialism” and “communism.”

        Also, educate yourself regarding the FACT that the majority of Democrats also claim to be of the Christian faith. Perhaps it’s because they’re not so much the judgmental type of Christian that you conveniently ignore that truth.

    • We are all truly refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view you ridiculous little carnival freak. How do you Obama supporters eat without stabbing yourselves in the eye?

    • This article is not ridiculous. Your response to it is ridiculous, Shawn.

      Everything the author has written about the Obamas is accurate.

      You and those who support them own every scandal and lie these two commit.

      Enjoy the suck.

    • Easy??.. yeah, ask Andrew Brietbart how easy it was to criticize the communist in the White House..oh wait.. u can’t.. he’s dead. yeah, that was easy. ALL of Seal Team 6.. ask them. dammit.. u can’t.. they’re dead too.. wow, must be a conspiracy.. anyone and everyone who speaks out against the commie are eliminated.. is that why ur’ covering ur a$$?

    • have you been asleep for the last 5 years, Obama is now admitting almost everything that he has done. and as for fighting to get the economy going, he is fighting to stop the economy of the usa not make it better. we could do better without his help.

    • I agree that With you that I don’t care with you the color of the reporter. However entertain this de deep thought…..if a white reporter wrote the article it would be used as a race card. The article is hateful…I agree. But it seems to me it’s justified hate…the author feels justified in describing his views. The worse kind of non physical racism is the kind where the emperor dashes any possibility of the hopes and dreams of the masses coming true by making a those in the welfare state of the nation a comfortable alternative.

    • Without a doubt Obama asked for the opportunity and won it with blatant lies and deceptions. It matters not how nice the author’s couch is in LA. Truth is truth whether your couch is the best that money can buy or if it’s picked up at a yard sale or secondhand store. This author did hit the nail on the head in every aspect! I voted for Obama, however it is with great remorse that I did so. Sad, but true.

      • I applaud you for admitting that you voted for Obama. There is no shame in doing so, as he has fooled many. I respect you for having remorse afterwards. That shows your intelligence. God Bless you!!!

        • I am aware that not everyone was possessing of the intellectual tools and background information – or even lack thereof – for 0bama, so I don’t fault folks somuch for voting for him the first time. The second time, it would only have been willful ignorance at best, and that’s not something to be proud of.

    • Are you deaf and blind ? Are you Americans ? We are now from one of the most powerful country in the world to the laughing stock of the world. People like you make me sick.
      I am grateful for people like this writer that has the “balls” to expose the truth.


  21. The national news media protects and promotes Obama with total devotion to him. The problem in America is the news media and the education system that is brainwashing our children and not reporting the truth. Americans were warned years ago when Alan Keyes exposed the Obamas and their neo Stalinist views. Not even Fox news will allow Alan Keyes near a microphone. We deserve what is certainly to come. GOD will not stand for this without HIM judging US. Get ready you moderate republicans.

    • First of all, what is a lire? If you meant liar, then yes that’s what the devil is among other things. I doubt seriously that the devil made the author of this piece write it though. He was obviously smart enough to do it himself and he backed up the article with facts and intelligent observation, whereas the best you could do was blame it on the devil. You provide no facts, no documentation to back up your claim. These are the sum total of most of Obama’s supporters comments. No facts, no anything other than “If you are not a supporter, you are a (choose one)…. racist, the devil, tea party fanatic or just mean, or several other things” But you never provide any facts. That is because there are no facts to back up any of Obama’s excuses. HE is a lire…..I mean a liar.

    • Did you just put your head so far up your ass it’s back on your own shoulders? I sit here shaking my head in amazement that individuals such as you are allowed to command a keyboard.

      You amaze me! Wouldn’t clues have more room to fit in your head if you got rid of some of the gobbledygook in there?

  22. Personally, I really hate Obama because he’s black. It’s refreshing to find a black person willing to attack him. Now I can site this article, and it won’t be so obvious that I’m clueless about politics. The truth is that most of views stem from racism, hatred, and Christianity (the real holy trinity).