you just don’t understand why I’m conservative

I’ve read history and know the KKK and Jim Crow were supported by Democrats.

I am fully aware that Planned Parenthood was founded by racist Margaret Sanger and that the black abortion rate is obscenely high.

I watched as the same Democrats who attacked Clarence Thomas defended Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment.

I don’t accept for one second the notion that I need special treatment or dependence on the state in order for me to succeed.

I believe in personal responsibility and success.

I cherish the second amendment and don’t trust those who want to lessen my right to defend myself, my family or my home.

I loathe those who want to tell me how to think or vote by calling me an Uncle Tom or a sellout.

It’s not the past that saddens me, it’s Obama.


  1. You’ve probably also read enough history to note that the Southern Democrats pretty much left the Democratic Party in the 60’s-early 80’s in response to the civil rights act, Medicare, the Great Society. So the old democratic party is not populated by the same ideologues as the modern democratic party. Those Southern Democrats and Dixiecrats, that held great sway in the pre-civil rights era … became Republicans, with a few exceptions. For example, Senator Robert Byrd of WV, who renounced his earlier views rather completely … admittedly after some coaxing and pressure. And the moderate Republicans who supported civil rights and medicare … were pretty well hounded out of the Republican party by the 1990’s (a few straggled on in RI and MA, etc.). So talking about the Democratic Party being the house of Jim Crow and the KKK … is silly. It’s a radically different set of people, ideals and policies … which don’t appeal to conservatives as much. that’s true. I respect black conservatives … but not because they base their thinking in historical realities which have no relevance in today’s political landscape.


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