I have been pondering what to write on the “About” page of Letvent.
So far the uploads I have posted have mostly been lighthearted with a few facts thrown in for good measure.

These posts are not now nor ever been self-written. I am uploading articles, jokes, pictures, etc I find of interest in one way or another. All of these can be found elsewhere on the WEB, if one but just wants to take the time to search for them. The articles in which I know the author, I make sure to include their name. Others are just random information I found and enjoyed in and of itself. This blog is mainly somewhere to put everything of interest to me in one location, and hope that others enjoy them as well.
I began by uploading my interests on facebook and when that was received well, someone told me that I should create my own blog where they could just go to see what I’ve uploaded and where I could have more creative license.
I am not now nor have I ever professed to be a writer and for the most part you will not see many “self written” facts, articles or opinions on this site.
The future is yet to be determined though, so that might change as the world revolves around us.

~~ Have you ever felt the need to express yourself without recriminations from those around you?
~~ Have you seen or heard something that you thought should be shared?
~~ Do you like to make those around you laugh or even give them something to think about?
~~ Do you ever feel as if you would explode if you kept too much inside that should be released?

In creating this site I wanted an outlet to vent my emotional relief valve in any way that would take off the pressure and make me functional for a little while longer.
I welcome any and all comments you wish to share and hope that this site can at least provide some form of relief to you as well, my readers.

If you should have anything you think might be of interest to me and would like me to consider posting, please feel free to contact me.


I will review and post those items that have sparked some kind of emotional response, whether laughter, anger or dismay.
Thank you in advance for visiting my site.
I hope everyone gets at least a good laugh to help brighten their day.

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  1. Russell Romines says:

    Good idea, great job…


    1. letvent says:

      Thank you. 😉


    2. letvent says:

      I wanted to share an email thrread from Russell Romines, and since it concerned several posts, I decided to post the email here:

      russell romines r2rnot@msn.com
      Jan 28 (9 days ago)
      to letvent.com@gmail.com
      I would like to say that I don’t understand all or actually any of the Impeachable offenses that have been allegedly committed by our current president. I am sure however that at least the last three Presidents have all been guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Which is impeachable or used to be when we seemed to at least try to maintain a visage of morality, and expect our elected officials to be held to a higher standard than the common citizen. I realize that creates a double standard, but so be it with power comes responsibility. I simply don’t understand how we as a group can be so stupid not to realize that anyone who would allow close to half a billion dollars per candidate to be spent to attain a job supposedly to SERVE their fellow citizens. Could not possibly be anything but owned by outside powers with their not our interests at heart. WE REALLY ARE BLIND TO THE OBVIOUS. WE NEED THE 28TH AMENDMENT…. YESTERDAY…
      Jan 28 (9 days ago)
      to russell
      Thank you so much for your email. I would like to know if you would like for me to add it to the comments, and if you do, which post would you like for me to add it to? What you wrote above should be seen by others’, and I would credit you, of course.
      Again thank you for the email.
      God Bless!
      russell romines
      Jan 30 (7 days ago)
      to letvent.com@gmail.com
      By all means. I wrote it because of inspiration I felt from reading multiple posts on your site.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID


  2. Jonathan A. Kemp (JAKemp) says:

    *Obamacare: ABSOLUTELY Unconstitutional**!*

    We believe in The Constitution of the USA; and, being a U.S. Air Force
    Veteran, I’ve sworn to defend it.

    Our Bill of Rights is the first ten Constitutional Amendments. Those
    Civil Rights define who we are. The 6th Amendment gives us our right to
    a jury trial. Juries give the People power and law making authority as
    part of a balance of power in our American legal system.

    Obamacare has a hidden legal twist which voids every American’s 6th
    Amendment Right. Every Obamacare policy has an arbitration clause which
    removes the right to jury trial and forces all to agree to binding legal

    Since Obamacare is mandated/required/forced by law it is absolutely
    unconstitutional; because, it is absolutely illegal for the government
    to mandate forced repeal of the 6th Amendment of the Bill of Rights by
    taking away this critical American civil right to a jury trial regarding
    our very health and life!

    Demand that federal, state and local governments defend our civil rights
    of the Bill of Rights; and, impeach a.s.a.p. or vote those out of office
    in the next election who try and take them away.

    Stand up for our rights!

    Jonathan A.Kemp
    Political and Aerospace Scientist
    USAF Nuclear Weapon Officer Veteran


    1. Howard says:

      I stand with you, I took the same oath. I intend to keep that promise. I’m a DAV vet, Korean War. Why are the 4/5 star Generals that are active , went to Washington, and remove the president, from the commander and chief , of the military services. Also remove him from the office of president, under charges of treason. With other charges. Unconstitutional acts,
      ,disrespect ,and walk all over the peoples rites, under the bill of rights.


      1. Jonathan A. Kemp (JAKemp) says:

        Good you stand up Howard. 4/5 star generals coup relieving President of command not good. Friends must contact their congressional reps about importance of jury trials regarding our lives/health. Murders get a jury trial regarding their life , so must we. Next election vote out traitors; and, in with patriots who will restore and protect our Bill of Rights!


    2. LTC Sam H. Asbury, III says:

      Hope we turn around before it is too late!


      1. Jonathan A. Kemp (JAKemp) says:

        Thanks you sir. Sam, I have faith that the American people are wising up and have already turn it around, it’s never too late. Ocare won’t work in America. No matter how good or bad their www site design or glitches,worked out, Americans are saying loud and clear “We don’t want it, we don’t need i, it won’t work”. Humpth dumpty fell off the wall and they’ll never put it back together again. Our rights and Constitution were made by the Founders to stop things like Ocare.


  3. shonda says:

    Hey lady loving the site keep up the good work


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